What's new in Gears of War 2?

GDN Editor-In-Chief Christophor Rick sat in the keynote today by Michael Capps from Epic Games talking about the making of Gears of War 2. No he didn't spill the beans...well not a lot of them anyway. But he did talk all about what's changed with Epic's "New, Better, More" approach to the game's development. We have new game footage of the upcoming sequel.

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marinelife93740d ago (Edited 3740d ago )

I still don't get the one or two enemies at a time thing. It's supposed to be a war. I still want to play it though.

In the first GeOW I don't remember ever actually fighting more than four enemies at a time. Some scenes you could see more than four but you could only engage four.

La Chance3740d ago (Edited 3740d ago )

Looking at the posts below I see the sony fanboys faithful to their trolling habits , since youre so curious to know, here you go :

-Battlefields will be much larger than in the previous installment.

-There will, in fact, be chainsaw dueling in single player as well as multiplayer.

-There is a new poison grenade, which will kill anybody it hits and slowly drain the health of anybody around it.

-The "meat shield" is usable in both single player as well as multiplayer.

-The cover system is no longer as clunky, and has been edited to further prevent people "sticking" to walls and such

-The story begins six months after the original ends.

-A new pistol called the "Gorgon Pistol" is available, firing a six-round burst much like the hammerburst from the original.

-The hammerburst is now a semi-automatic gun.

-There is now a larger difference in active-reloading from gun to gun.

-Drop-in/drop-out co-op.

-Blood trails will allow you to track your prey much more effectively in case they decide it's time to run away.

-A new war journal to keep track of your endeavors.

-A much more emotionally evocative story that will be much deeper and more interesting than in Gears.

-Difficulty settings modified. Casual is now much easier, while Insane is harder.

-Weapon-specific melees. New kinds of executions.

-At least two new species of Locust. At least one more chainsaw method. 5 vs. 5 online battles.

-New online mode called "Wingman," where it's essentially a 2v2v2v2v2 game.

-Gridlock is a multiplayer map.

-The ability to have each player use their own difficulty setting in co-op mode.

-Completely destructible environments.

-Enhanced physics.

-You can be damaged and killed whilst chainsawing.

-Longer campaign.

-More usage of vehicles in campaign.

-A new "dynamic-conversation camera" used during cutscenes to give them a cinematic feel.

-The addition of a flamethrower, dubbed "Scorcher."

-Assassination game-type renamed to "Guardian."

-Unlimited respawns until each team's respective leader dies, at which points player cease respawning.

-Matchmaking! New game-type dubbed "Meat Flag."

-Sort of like Capture-the-flag but the flag is a human player who stays in the center of the map.

-Each team must down this player to be able to drag him back to their base.

-Getting damaged slows you down. You can now choose which weapon to spawn with in multiplayer:

-Lancer or Hammerburst. Portable cover.

-These are big metal things that you can carry around and shove into the ground to act as make-shift cover.

-You can only use your pistol while carrying one, and they can be destroyed by enemies that get too close.

-Grenades can be manually stuck to anything, meaning you have to "tag" the object like you would a person in the original Gears.

- Smoke grenades now stun enemies as well.

- While waiting to respawn, you may fly around the map and take screenshots of the action which you can then share with your friends.

- One confirmed new map: River

- A symetrical map, each team gets a sniping building and some flat land, which is divided by a river.

- One confirmed new map: Security

- A long narrow map.

- Power weapons guarded by laser-turrets th cannot be destroyed and will kill you if you attempt to get to the weapons.

- These turrets can be turned off. New controls for downed enemies: X Button [Curb stomp] B Button [Melee] Y Button [Punch in a downed opponent's face] A Button [Use enemy as meat-shield

And since you guys are always in full denial mode heres the link

Now you can go back to hyping Res 2 or whatever you guys find so cool.

chanto233740d ago

zzz zzzz zzzz read...all..but...but....zzz zzz zzzz

Time_Is_On_My_Side3740d ago (Edited 3740d ago )

This maybe news to you but you're being a hypocrite, not for stating what’s in Gears of War 2 but for typing, “Looking at the posts below I see the sony fanboys faithful to their trolling habits...And since you guys are always in full denial mode heres the link. Now you can go back to hyping Res 2 or whatever you guys find so cool.”

You’re doing what makes you angry, which is funny to me because you remind me of a guy at work complaining at everything. He doesn’t even realize he’s doing the same thing, kind of like you.

xhairs93739d ago

wrong, your post is full of repetition. all that has been said before, as far as this article goes, it's an update to everything that's been said prior to this day.

Here is what's really new regarding everything that was posted previously: nothing.

dogseye_deadhorse3739d ago

seems more like an expansion when you list it like that. im sure it will be a lot better though!

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DA_SHREDDER3740d ago

More like Gears of War 1.5 if you ask me.

ps360s3740d ago

I guess you can say that but Gears 2 will still be a good game like Gears 1

GametimeUK3740d ago

So I suppose GoW2 for the PS2 is really GoW1.5?
Face it... when a games great you focus on familiar gameplay because thats what the fans want... I cant wait for GeoW2...

3740d ago
beavis4play3740d ago (Edited 3740d ago )

no, GOW2 was a continuation of story.(and a good story at that) plus, kratos wasn't fighting the same enemies. gears1 story was non-existant. it was a fun game but where does gears2 go now? if they can establish some kind of story, great but for now it's "wait and see". no compariso between the 2 series though.

Bubble Buddy3740d ago

"This is GOW2 after all in a trilogy, you wan't a different game?."


You don't use a question mark and a period side by side.

GametimeUK3740d ago (Edited 3740d ago )

GeoW's characters ar not charismatic / lovable enough for me to enjoy the story... But hey games dont need epic storylines to be a blast right? However I think to answer your question "where does gears go from now?" IMO it should stay as close as it can to what made 1st game so awesome... Just like GoW2 did on the PS2... Obviously im not comparing the gameplay of these 2 fantastic games but the principal behind the sequels being familiar yet sorting out the prior games faults... I think GeoW can accomplish this with (and I dont know anything about this game... I been sheltered from the news)

1. The return of Coop... Maybe add 4 player Coop... old feature with a new interesting spin
2. Longer game...
3. More interesting weapons
4. More enemies on screen
5. O more game modes online

I personally would like some real boss fights... But yeah this game will rock... Unfortunatly the 360's rather weak 08 line up will make this game stand out even more amongst the 360 titles

edit: @ Bubble Buddy... taking shots at POG's grammar is a low blow... its a website we shouldnt care about that crap...

power of Green 3740d ago (Edited 3740d ago )

@2.6... The comment hit home hence the attacks on 360 fans in a 360 thread(seems like they are not able to comprehend the text, did they even read it?..............

GametimeUK3740d ago

Its a shame PoG... sometimes you really have a great back up for your opinions and all you get in return is a bunch of disagrees and insults off people who lack the brain cells to produce a decent argument... Face it as long as we log on here and say something positive about any console you will always have a hater who doesnt respect your opinion and labels people fanboys... I have been called a Nintendo, Sony and MS fanboy this gen... Its silly... One thread I say Too Human sucks and I didnt like the demo and I will get flamed and called a Sony fanboy... Then I come here and defend GeoW2... It doesnt make sense...

power of Green 3740d ago (Edited 3740d ago )

Sometimes I have great back ups for my opinions?, you mean sometimes I *don't* have great back ups for my opinions.

I'v been on this site for 3 years or more, my REP was not built on opinion, I was going after PS3 fans with facts and they tell new members who to hate.

Example: PS3 fans coming in here trolling, bashing GOW2 saying the exact opposite of what is being said in the post.

Bubble Buddy3740d ago (Edited 3740d ago )

Proper grammar is actually helpful because some of the comments I've seen; I couldn't tell one word from another. I wasn't bashing Gears. In fact I love Gears; my favorite 360 game and I'm sure the 2nd one is going to be more bloody and better. Only console I dislike is the Wii.

HuntTheWumpus3739d ago

I agree with youGametimeUK and I am not sure what this person is expecting?

They've improved on every aspect of the game. Should they of turned it into an RPG?

Fanboy logic completely escapes me. These seem nothing more than lame attempt's at down playing what is sure to be the hottest game this holiday. It is the game that has sold me on buying an Xbox 360 in September. I guess you could say it is a hardware mover as well.

poopface13739d ago

cause youve never played gears 1 on your crap ps3. go hype little big planet in the ps3 fourms. Im sure youll find others that are looking foward to that crap.

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silverchode3740d ago (Edited 3740d ago )

the amazing 5v5 is a major improvement from the 4v4/sarcasm

beavis4play3740d ago

agreed. a jaw-dropping technological leap. (END SARCASM)
what's next for gears? the ability to strafe left and right?

Bombibomb3740d ago (Edited 3740d ago )

What are you talking about? Gears of War is one of the most innovative games of this GENERATION!

1. 4 vs 4 multiplayer. (never been done before)
2. Laggy P2P networking. (never has there been a video game THIS laggy before. and to think Xbox Live isn't even free!)
3. Extremely linear gameplay. (never has there been a game THIS linear before! you'll literally walk in straight lines to get through the level. if not you'll just crash into a wall. it's like a driving simulator)
4. A cover system. (Killswitch ripped off Gears)
5. Tiny, constrained environments. (there's nowhere to run, literally. the environments are so small you can't)
6. 3 hour campaign. (ok ok 2 hours, including the cut-scenes)
7. Lame story. (laughable voice acting / Unreal Tournament-quality story)
8. Unreal Engine 3 (i don't even have to say anything here. that engine was maxed out the first time they used it)

Gears of War was a revolutionary MASTERPIECE and it totally didn't rip off Killswitch's cover system at all. And Gears of War 2 is already shaping up to be game of the year, bringing us CHAINSAWS and 5 vs 5 multiplayer. This is INSANE! Just look at the cover art!

Resistance 2?

- 30 VS 30 multiplayer
- 8 player co-op
- 2 campaigns
- HUGE multiplayer maps
- MASSIVE boss battles
- Dedicated servers

BWAHAHAHA! What a joke Resistance 2 is!

Pain3740d ago

my brain is mush from sitting in the sun all day.

pp3740d ago

Gears of War 2 puts resistence 2 too shame and also add kill zone 2

zo6_lover273740d ago

What exactly does Gears 2 have that puts R2 and Killzone 2 to shame? Inferior graphics?

silverchode3740d ago

gears large maps, sh!tload of enemies on screen and epic story will put r2 and kz2 to shame/Sarcasm

eagle213740d ago

Please explain. :)

Don't hurt yourself buddy. We have all day.....

Microsoft_Spokesman3740d ago

Better online: 5vs5!
Better co-op: Same co-op story and original story!
Super-short story: Who needs 10+ hours of story when you can have 2+ of story?!
Wonderful colors: GeoW now comes with a hint of green!

AIi_The_Brit3740d ago

resistance 2 brings 60 PLAYER ONLINE to the table, what does gears 2 bring?

and killzone 2 --DESTROYS-- gears 2 graphics

SpecialSauce3740d ago

and u forgot about socom. i like how bots have to compare this game to the many shooters ps3 coming out with. "gears of war will own killzone.............ahhhhh... ...and socom."

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Bill Gates3740d ago (Edited 3740d ago )


and you BABOONS know this.....AHAHAHHHHAHAHHA


Next gen....AHAHAHAHA