Tom Clancy’s The Division Xbox One Beta is live now, check out these in game screenshots

With the PlayStation 4 and PC Beta for Tom Clancy’s The Division not set to go live until the 29th of January, Xbox One players get an early chance today to experience the Beta, which is available for those who pre-ordered the game or were lucky enough to be picked from a waiting list.

PressA2Join had the chance to experience The Division Beta first hand and took some screenshots of what could prove to be one of the games of the year.

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core_51522d ago

1080p screens on 900p resolution on xbox one?

Resis7ance1522d ago (Edited 1522d ago )

You're correct, 900p is meant to be the resolution for the Xbox One.

YinYangGaming1522d ago (Edited 1522d ago )

Didn't some guys on 'beyond3d' (if I remember the site name correctly) pixel count direct feed screens and say it's 1080p on the X1?

dirkdady1522d ago

Nah bros suppose to be 1440p. I Kidd I kidd obviously referencing that flame bait article from the site we shall not name.

paulomoreira1522d ago

the jealousy of some are really amazing

sinjonezp1522d ago

Fellow gamers if anyone have an extra beta code PC PS4 XB1 PM me. I appreciate the love. Been hearing mixed views about it.

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mark_parch1522d ago

game actually looks really good, I'm quite surprised

trainsgofast1522d ago

Don't be mad. Xb1 is going to out pace PS4 even more with FULL DX12.1 hardware not in PS4.

2pacalypsenow1522d ago (Edited 1522d ago )

Lol he said even more

jcc7371522d ago

Man you guys are quick to hate on X1, give it a rest. The PS4 is not "that great" and I own's not all it can be. I favor the X1 personally, which I'm sure will get 3 times as many dislikes if I hadn't mentioned that. Oh well...comes with the turf with this site.

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lilmisscherry1522d ago

I've enjoyed the Beta so far. New York City looks amazing!

Goldby1522d ago

Don't you mean 42nd street. /s

iNcRiMiNaTi1521d ago

Times square isn't even in the beta

YinYangGaming1522d ago

Enjoying the beta but as far as I can tell content is same as the alpha at the moment, a lot of fun and can't wait for the full game!

christocolus1522d ago

Wasn't able to get into the beta but its looking like a day one purchase. How fluid are the controls? And is it as immersive as destiny? Missions? I love the fact that it is played from a third person persective too.

Resis7ance1522d ago

The Beta is just a small fraction of the game but you can experience missions and are free to roam certain areas of the City alone.

One of the things I love about The Division is the ability to roll back from gunfire and attached yourself to cover. It helps greatly when grenades are being thrown at you constantly.

A blast radius appears around you so you can gauge if it will do damage and adjust your position accordingly.

christocolus1522d ago


Nice. Thanks for that.really looking forward to this game. is the the cover system exactly like that in Gears? Can u blindfire?

Resis7ance1522d ago

No problem.

When you roll back the character instantly attaches them to the nearest cover.

The skills are another highlight with plenty to be unlocked, doing a whole manner of different things such as scanning a certain radius for enemies, it even tells you critical hit chances from your current position.

YinYangGaming1522d ago

Controls feel very fluid and the immersion is unreal, some areas do feel almost like a 1:1 recreation of NYC!

ABizzel11522d ago (Edited 1522d ago )


Yes you can blind fire.

Genuine-User1522d ago (Edited 1522d ago )

Controls are pretty good, much better than how they felt in the alpha.

The cover system is similar to Splinter Cell Blacklist.

The story missions (so far) are much better than Destiny. You can roam around the world on your own or with a few friends. You can even match up with randoms for story and side missions.

Xbox One version:

Graphics have improved (since alpha) and tearing is kept to a minimum.

christocolus1522d ago

Thanks for the response Guys. I think i'm going to enjoy this game. good to know you can blind fire and i'm really happy about this

"The story missions (so far) are much better than Destiny. You can roam around the world on your own or with a few friends. You can even match up with randoms for story and side missions."


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WDBII1522d ago

Yeah man. It's gonna be the same. I won't play the beta til i get home but the Alpha left me upset that i had to work. I didn't get enough time in but this weekend! I GOT TIME!!

ABizzel11522d ago (Edited 1522d ago )

The good:

*The game plays well
*It looks like they made the common enemies less bullet spongey
*The cover system is great
*The game looks good enough (at times it looks great, but at times it look mediocre)
*It plays like the 360 Splinter Cells, but replaced the execution/interrigation systems with the RPG elements.

The bad:

*The gameplays well, but the gunplay is above average at best. It's not bad, but it'll never make anyone's top 5, top 10, or top 20 shooters from a pure gunplay perspective.
*There's no jump button (I HATE WHEN THERE"S NO JUMP)
*You currently have to walk/run everywhere (this game needs vehicles of some kind, there are literally bikes laying around, let me ride it)
*The AI isn't good at all. Each character is programmed to do a specific thing. Hide, shoot, move repeat or charge, hide, charge repeat.
*Bosses are still huge bullet sponges tanking grenades, and 5 magazines of ammo
*The characters and animations are all generic, thus far, nor do I see any signs of improvement.


If you enjoy Splinter Cell and most of the other Tom Clancey games on 360, then you'll likely enjoy The Division. If you don't like those games, you're not going to like The Division, because it's practically a collection of ideas from each of those games especially Splinter Cell Conviction, with the same markers for enemies, words popping and all, as a matter of fact graphically it even looks like a next-gen SPC remake.

As a matter of fact the Division is pretty much an open-world, co-op, but slightly inferior Splinter Cell Conviction with a hint of Destiny, but more convoluted than Destiny's loot, weapon, and armor system.

That's literally the Division in 1 sentence. If you didn't like those Splinter Cells chances are you won't like this game, unless you're just a die hard MMORPG open-world fan, and at that point you're simply proving that add co-op and open world to a game and it's going to double sales.

Jmanzare1522d ago

That's pretty accurate from what I've played so far. A minor complaint I have is the HUD, it's very convoluted

n1kki61522d ago

Does the gunplay feel like something they can tighten up prior to launch?

ABizzel11522d ago (Edited 1522d ago )


I don't think it's going to get better, but it's not bad either. It's just decent. If you see the gameplay videos and think it looks mediocre, then it's a tad better than you except.

It's an MMORPG, so the weapons you use make a pretty big difference as well, but that doesn't change the fact that it's just decent gunplay. What makes or break it is the weapons you get.

With the right weapons the gameplay will probably be fine to most people, but with the wrong weapon it's going to be bad.

The biggest problem I have is the Dark Zone. It's a fun place to be in, but it's completely unbalanced already, and it's absolutely not meant for single player play.

My first experience I came across a group who were trying to extract, and I snuck up right behind them to watch and see what to do, then a rouge duo came in to try and steal their stuff, so I came out and helped kill the rouges. That's where the fun comes in.

However, I entered around level 5, but there are already Level 8 people roaming around, and to extract stuff you have to get to specific points and do it, rather than go anywhere on the map and pop your flare (which would be significantly better for solo players).

I went to the extraction zone, and hide because I had already seen a few rouge agents not to far from where I was, and I managed to get my items on the helicopter when it came.

However, there a 15 second extraction too, and fortunately I sent it off, while the rouges were fighting another Level 5 solo guy who I couldn't help without getting killed.

I put an entire clip of an MP5 into him while he was moving over to take my stuff off the rope, and it barely took him down to half his health, and he turned around and wiped me, but thankfully my items flew off in the process.

They really need to do something about this, because solo players are going to get stomped in the Dark Zone, and it's designed to where if you go rouge you get the upper hand on other players, because they're shooting at you from behind as you walk away, and have an advantage.

There should be a Karma meter that already predetermines if a person is rouge or good going in, so you can at least have some form of trust, with people.

Yes the downgrade is VERY real, but I think it's a solid game, with really good ideas and concept (especially Dark Zone), but it's execution just isn't there based on this beta, and they need to do a lot more work when it comes to things like balance, gunplay, a jump button (rather than a climb button), characters and acting (campaign wise it seems like it's going to be generic), etc...

The Division 1 should be a decent / solid game. The Division 2 will likely be the game that E3 reveal tried to present it to be.

One more thing:

You have to run everywhere and it gets completely annoying. The only good thing about it is in the Dark Zone, that also means people have to run across the map to get to you, but it also means when people are trying to kill you, it's nearly impossible to get away forcing you to shoot or die, and if you're going solo chances are your options are hide, die, or die.

The game also requires more suspension of disbelief than any other shooter out there, some of the characters are just completely out of place. This is NY under a biological outbreak, yet they try to have smart and spunky characters in it, but with cringe worthy performances. If I had to do a comparison I was expecting a tone of realism like The Last of Us, but instead I got Dead Island if that makes any sense.

UnHoly_One1522d ago

Rouge is a type of makeup.

I think you are trying to say rogue.

ABizzel11522d ago

lol rogue, although I hear there are some lovely agents out there.

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81BX1522d ago

Ughhh why work!?!?!? Why????? Oh well ill be on laters!! Also if you signed up for the resistance beta check your inboxes i got my code today and there is a xb1 stress test on friday. Lol the resistance and division.... 2016!

SiberPir81522d ago

Can you enter the dark zone in the beta?