Rezli is here to change the gaming world and provide a network for the industry

Meet Rezli – a comprehensive content, media, and career building site created by gamers, for gamers. Our mission is to bring everyone in the gaming industry – gamers, developers, organizations and educational institutions – to a centralized place where they can connect and play with purpose.

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Takwin1525d ago

No thanks. Don't compare yourself to LinkedIn, which is just notoriously awful *and* unhelpful.

TGG_overlord1525d ago (Edited 1525d ago )

Okay, that´s their own words. I have just started to use their site, so I will have to use it more before I can say anything bad (or good) about it.

Bismarn1525d ago

Oh, so TGG_overlord is the new name of Sitebot? Is N4G not clearly marking sponsored ad articles anymore?

I have open-world fatique.....

TGG_overlord1525d ago

I got paid zero cent for that article, it was just a press release (we don´t have the time nor the personal to cover every little topic, there is). And like I said to Takwin, I have just started to use Rezli (I have used LinkedIn for years). So I have to use their service more before I state my final word about them.