History (and logic) suggest it obviously ain't over for the PS3

it's hard not to get caught up in the doom and gloom of Sony's status quo. You know, the one where the PS3 can't catch a break and is rumored to be experiencing waning demand despite a short supply. Enter one level-headed writer over at Amped News who gives the company and console the benefit of the doubt based on recent history and some much-needed logic.

Author Anthony Perez in an article entitled "Hasty Conclusions: The Fate of the PS3 and Wii" profiles early PSP and GameCube buzz to what would eventually become lackluster systems for most gamers, and a poor PS2 launch that would later become the beginning of the most widely purchased home console to date. So keep hope alive despite the PS3's controversial launch.

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TheMART5244d ago (Edited 5244d ago )


"History (and logic) suggest it obviously ain't over for the PS3"

Didn't we all think that of Nintendo also some years ago? Then it fell from nr.1 to nr. 3 in no time.

Results of the past are no guarantee for the future.

Second. Logic? Logic is that Sony f*cked up too much this time around. They could wait to have Sega/Dreamcast go bankrupt over their lies about the emotion engine of the PS2, but they can't make Bill/MS go broke over their new line of lies. They make themselve go broke this time

Have you actually read the original linked article? That isn't so positive for the PS3:

""Last year, at, we tracked several one thousand dollar Xbox 360 bundles which would sell out in less than two minutes after becoming available," said Ian Drake, president of, an online retail tracker that sends out "In Stock" notices via e-mail and newsletters. "Just today, a one thousand dollar PS3 bundle was in stock at for over 12 hours. This sort of thing didn't happen with the Xbox 360 until well after Christmas."

Even eBay auctions, which after launch were easily exceeding $2,500 a pop, are struggling to top $700. According to the gaming blog Kotaku, scalpers are even beginning to give up and return the merchandise to stores."

djbassay2k55244d ago

only idiots pay higher for merchandice than retail over the internet/ebay

Islandkiwi5243d ago

Of course it's not over for Sony, but I think the evidence is strong that they're not going to hold the same gaming percentage they had with the ps2.

It all comes down to games, and Sony's not showing the gaming love right now.

DJ5243d ago (Edited 5243d ago )

the current console war. Microsoft had a year to itself a la Dreamcast style, so I'm pretty sure that doesn't count. We've had nowhere near enough time to determine the winner. Last time around, it took three years to determine the top console so don't expect a quick answer. =P

Hell, we don't even know what kind of massive games these three companies are withholding from us at the moment. Quick example: no one even knew that God of War existed until 2 and a 1/2 years into its development cycle.

FordGTGuy5243d ago

Dreamcast style?

Did dreamcast sell over 8-9 million before the competitors? Did dreamcast have a proven online network? Did dreamcast have a GOW? I think not.

Also dreamcast had security issues and was losing sales being in the middle of a console war. How is the Xbox 360 anywhere near la Dreamcast's style?

Marriot VP5243d ago (Edited 5243d ago )

ford, just let DJ do what he does best

power of Green 5243d ago

The masses will never spend $500 and up on video games. The 360's price is hurting it and everbody wants it.

lalaland5243d ago

... The Dreamcast didn't do too bad in its first 12 months compared to the X360 -- although they don't cumulate European sales.

The Dreamcast did end up at around 11 mill. consoles sold, before Sega stopped production.

Now, I don't want to imply that the same fate will happen to X360, because it won't, but just try to point out that the "console war" is still in its infancy, and history tells us it ain't over yet.

Monchichi0255243d ago

I Seriously Laugh Outloud when people compare this generation to the last!!!

1. Sega, Loved them to death, but they were never ever a real challenge to the PS2. Nobody took them serious; and for good reason. And to even compare them to MS is ludicrious!!! MS probably makes more money in one week then Sega ever made. MS will never pull the plug on the X-box because of money. They instead continue to Market and get new games made for the system.

2. Sony had the advantage to lie about the power of the PS2 without any reprocutions. Remember the rumor that the PS2 was so powerful other nations wanted them to build weapons. Or the one that the PS2 would last 15 years!! LOL Well consumers have smartened up this time after so many lies and are not falling for Sony's dirty tricks.

3. Sony had no real competition when the PS2 launched. The Dreamcast was deemed a joke, Nintendo was coming off a subpar generation with the N64 and had not announced the GameCube. AND MicroSoft had not yet even released information on there Unproven new machine into the Market.

Consumers only had one logical choice, and that was the PS2!!!

This generation is TOTALLY different and if you don't notice that you are either an idiot or a brainwashed Fanboy, as this writer of this story seems to be.

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ASTAROTH5243d ago

Dreamcast sold well over 3 million consoles. More than a great advantage at the time. In that time the Dreamcast had the best games and the best future line up. Shenmue anyone??. The Dreamcast had a price advantage. When the PS2 launched at $299.99 the Dreamcast cost about $150.00. At the time the Dreamcast had the best graphics puting in doubt the PS2 "Emotion Engine" graphics ship. At the time we were really into the next gen. I was one of the one that believed the DC was better and looked better than the First PS2 offerings. It was Peter Moore at the time the one who said it was over for the PS2 because the DC was better. That only to be slapped by the news of Sega as a software company. I know how some of you felt. Seing Sega at bankrupt. And the hated PS2 being the most successfull console in history. Sega played it well with the DC. It was the resurection console for the company and we all know what happened. The PS2 looked weakly from a graphical standpoint, it had a higher price that double the one of the DC. The PS2 was criticized for using DVDs and for its first bathc of unimpressive games. Now, if we are a little rational... could DMC3, God of War, MGS2-3, Onimusha, Soul Calibur 3, GTA series be ported looking as good on the DC?? Hell NO!!. Is a game as graphically good as Black or Final Fantasy 12 posible on DC? NO!!!. So Sony proved with its new and unknown tech that they developed a console capable of competing with next gen offerings from MS and Nintendo. Nowadays, I dont believe the 360 is going to suffer the same fate as the DC, even if they share some similarities. MS is not going to give up, or make mistakes that will lead them to bankrupt. In the other part Sony is not going to give up either. Just a month and a half after the PS3 launched and everybody is saying that the 360 is the winner. A DC similarity??. The PS3 is harder to develop for. But good things are posible on it. Its a nice piece of hardware, more than enough to compete. Sony already sold their mark of more than 1 million in a month. Is the PS3 selling?? Did people want it?? Could Sony keep selling them at the high price next year?? Is the 360 really better?? Is the 360 the winner of the next gen?? Are you counting out the Wii?? Is it time to Ninty to rule again?? Is the PS3 the future?? These questions are going to be answered as the time past. Rigth now, even with the 360 in advantage, nobody knows for sure. FANATICS IF U DONT LIKE IT...
PS. Zelda TP RULESSSSS!!!!!!!!!

TheMART5243d ago

At that time Sony lied also.

Because of it's lies and promisses people waited for the PS2.

At that time they already overpromissed and underdelivered. Same as today with PS3. Emotion engine? Great online network? All not true.

At that time Sega/Dreamcast didn't had much money to stay in the game.

At that time Sony was about the only one out with a console and MS entered over a year after that.

This time around Sony still lies and cheats. But we all see the games being better on 360. PS3 games colours are washed out done with the wrong washing powder.

The next gen AAA games are on 360. Resistance is nowhere near Gears.

Most important thing: This time around Sony has problems making money. They do best at loosing bucks. This time around their competition has the money. MS and Bill are loaded with billions of dollars

One last thing: the most expensive consoles in history always failed.

3DO anyone? Neo-Geo indeed Power of Green II! CD-I story? Expensive combined with a less experience (no descent online service, no rumble in controller, not the best games, not the best versions multiplatform) will make PS3 be nr. 2 or nr. 3 this gen

Jrocks_4_ever5243d ago

Wasn't the PS2 more expensive than the DreamCast? LOL ....I will answer that one for you, hmmmmm..........YES!!! Did the PS2 fail, hmmmmmm.......NO! So please make some sense when you talk or just stop hating......You just dont see what ASTAROTH is sayingl.....Reading is fundamental you Know!

Monchichi0255243d ago

$300 compared to $600= BIG DIFFERENCE!!!! And this time they can't force the previous competion to quit like they did last time as MS is dictating pricedrops not Sony!

TheMART5242d ago

"Wasn't the PS2 more expensive than the DreamCast?"

Uhmmmm you know that Dreamcast already was about bankrupt when Sony lied so much that people waited for the PS2 when thinking about buying a Dreamcast?

Sega went bankrupt, Sony with the PS2 was the only real console at that point in time. Gamecube couldn't compete. So people were almost 'forced' to buy it

They had no choice... Up to the XBOX entered. But then the installed base on PS2 was already so big it got much game support.

This time around it's different. 360 has the largest installed base. WIll have the most and best exclusives.

Still it stands. In a multiple competition console race, the most expensive one has failed.
Which will be with PS3. Doomed I say

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