Mew Giveaway, and Beat Setup for Pokken Tournament on the Wii U

Renowned leader of the fighting game community, Mark Julio, talks about the best way to play Pokken Tournament competitively on the Wii U. Let's just say his reasoning has to do with decreasing lag, and a need for two viewpoints for two players. Also, it's Pokemon's 20th year anniversary, and they're doing a lot of stuff in celebration, including giving away 11 hard to obtain legendary Pokemon. The first Pokemon you can get is none other than the legendary Mew. Only four days left until you can get one for yourself.

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TorpeAlex1526d ago

Filled out report, Headline should read, "Best Setup," but N4G's reporting system is bollocks so I couldn't finish the report without having submitted 3 news articles because I don't have the free time to scour news sites to submit to N4G. So thanks for that. Hope your typo gets fixed.