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GK has done a full review of the new "Sébastien Loeb Rally Evo" game which comes out tomorrow.


"The driving model also works really well. Compared to Dirt Rally, there aren’t as many simulation options, nor is the damage model so detailed. But what Loeb does well, is make you feel like a decent rally driver. There’s just enough arcade thrill to the game for you to have the confidence to take some risks, whilst the rewind feature works well enough if your gamble fails to pay off. There’s also some seriously fast cars to drive if you feel like the general difficulty is too low. Loeb is also the world record holder for the famous Pike’s Peak hillclimb challenge, and you can take on his record too over the entire course in an 800BHP monster of a car. "

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GamerKnights1529d ago

Feel free to let us know what you think of our review.

sardinepacker411529d ago

yep demo was shite , the pc version demo was different but was still a bit crap, snow level i think i played there

kraenk121529d ago

After playing DiRT Rally there is no way I could give this game more than a 6/10.