ZTGamedomain Review: SNK Arcade Classics Volume 1

ZeroTolerance Writes:

A classic compilation for the hardcore.
It seems lately that the folks at SNK have come to the conclusion that compilations are the way to go. Just take a look at their last few releases and you will notice a pattern. Love them or hate them collections are an increasingly popular way for developers to make money, and for gamers to experience older titles that may have come out before they were into the hobby.

They are kind of like casual games for the more serious gamer and personally I am a sucker for a good collection of old-school love. SNK Arcade Classics: Volume One is another solid assortment of sprite-induced glory that is hard not to recommend to fans of SNK. Sixteen full-fledged titles are on the disc including some of the company's most revered franchises, and all for around two dollars a game.

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