Limited Run Games discusses lessons learnt, Saturday Morning RPG and its future publishing plans

With the very limited physical release of Saturday Morning RPG upon us shortly. Crash Landed talks with Limited Run Games founder Josh Fairhurst about their latest PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita title, along with that is next for the fledgling company.

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cash_longfellow1526d ago

I've been playing Saturday Morning RPG since Tuesday, and to be's fantastic! Definitely a throwback to the 80s and 90s.

sypher1525d ago

You thinking of trying to get the limited release tomorrow then?

cash_longfellow1525d ago

I am definitely considering it...but I might be at work when they go live, and they could be sold out by the time I'm out :(

rainslacker1524d ago

I managed to snag a copy of the Vita and PS4 version at the 6pm release. 10am one sold out pretty quick and was in a meeting during that time.:(

Not often I get such a good collectors item when they first come out, but have been following this game for a while, even before it was announced since I met the devs soon after they were first starting up, and probably will manage to playing it pretty soon.

sypher1525d ago

Well there is two times throughout the day you have a chance (they are selling half the stock at 10AM EST and the other half at 6PM EST) so if you miss one there is always the other!

cash_longfellow1525d ago

I just saw that on the Limited Run website...I might actually be able to catch the one later on.

sypher1525d ago

Just managed to snag myself a copy :) they went quick though!

sypher1524d ago

@rainslacker nice one :D yeh I forsee a few of these turning up on ebay for stupid prices.