PS4 Exclusive Yakuza 6 Demo’s Glorious Visuals and Brutal Gameplay Shown in Full Playthrough Video

Today Sega released the demo of Yakuza 6, and here’s a video showing a full playthrough.

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DarkOcelet1532d ago

Sege needs to get their $hit together and release this outside of Japan.

All i need is just English subtitles, that is all.

Abriael1532d ago

Same here. I can understand Japanese if someone speaks very slowly or if I have time to translate, but it's not nearly good enough to enjoy games.

Yi-Long1532d ago

I'll never understand why Sega doesn't just hire 1-2 English speaking/writing guys to immediately implement the English subs DURING production, instead of adding them afterwards. Shouldn't be that hard or expensive. They could be thrown in at the same time as when they do the Japanese subs...

Looking forward to this game. :)

Dumpling1532d ago

wait but is it coming for PS4 outside of Japan? o.o because i want this game so bad