Ztgamedomain Reviews: Braid

ZeroTolerance Writes:

One of the most clever and enjoyable games ever made.

On the surface Braid contains several archetypal elements that serve as a parallel to all platform games in general. You run from left to right, hop on top of enemies and of course traverse across gaps by tapping the time-honored jump button. However, this is only what you see if you choose not to dive deeper into the world of Braid. Underneath this conventional skin is a game that continues to enforce the theory that games can be art. From the beautiful water-color-inspired visuals to the deceptive complexity of the puzzles, Braid challenges you to actually engulf yourself into its world as opposed to forcing you. Anyone with patience and an appreciation for games that dare to take a step in a new direction will instantly fall in love with one of the best experiences currently available on Xbox Live Arcade.

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GiantEnemyCrab3739d ago

WooT! I guess everyone is busy ripping on Too Human and calling it a flop to recognize the AAA XBLA game.

Another great review.