Should We Be Excited for TMNT: Mutants in Manhattan?

Is another TMNT game a good idea?

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PixelGateUk1526d ago

It's not going to be full price, and plat know what they're doing. I'm just taking a positive look at things

DarkOcelet1526d ago

Because they knew what they were doing in Legend Of Korra right?

Its great to be positive but we should be skeptical because this is an Activision game , chances are that this game is another rushed product.

Apocalypse Shadow1526d ago (Edited 1526d ago )

Of course. The more after school,weekday afternoon, Saturday morning cartoons the better.Transformers and Turtles is a good start.

Voltron,Bravestar,Dungeons and Dragons,Thundercats,Galaxy Rangers,Blackstar,Silver hawks,Visionaries,Mighty Orbots,He-man,etc... Keep 'em coming.

And since Platinum Games is Japanese, give me some Mazinga,Macross/Robotech,Gungr ave,Berserk,Appleseed, Cowboy Bebop,etc..

And the piece de resistance... Something like Spriggan
Yu vs! Just awesome!

I'd play them all... Oh,and for Lex,this too.Always liked the opening trailer. Your avatar always reminds me of the show even if we disagree

Genuine-User1526d ago (Edited 1526d ago )

If you were a fan and/or enjoyed TMNT? Absolutely.

Plus it's made by platinum.

jeremyj29131525d ago

Couldn't care less if you are because I am.