PS4 Exclusive Yakuza 6’s Demo Looks Absolutely Spectacular in 220 Direct Feed 1080p Screenshots

Today Sega released the demo of Yakuza 6, and boy, it looks good. DualShockers just played it from start to finish, and it was a deeply satisfying experience to finally see the Yakuza series make the jump to the current generation with a new engine that makes no compromises to accommodate the PS3.

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PixelGateUk1529d ago

Those neon lights are so purty

Abriael1529d ago (Edited 1529d ago )

Indeed, the whole environment is just so lively :D

This was the best hour I spent this week so far.

UltraNova1529d ago

Leaps and bounds ahead of its predecessor. We need some PS4 Yakuza ASAP!

DragonDDark1528d ago

Yakuza is just an awesome series overall.

Ruggadagod1529d ago (Edited 1529d ago )

It really looks like you're really in Japan. I mean Yakuza 1,2,3,4,and 5 tried it's best to do that, but now you can REALLY REALLY see it. PS4 is a beast. Games like Yakuza 6 are why many people are loyal to Playstation. You can have very Japanese games like Yakuza 6 and yet at the same time enjoy very western games like COD or whatever. Both types co-exist.

BossBattle1529d ago

Ok. 1080p doesn't always look great.

ColonelHugh1528d ago (Edited 1528d ago )

The 1080p is fine, it needs antialiasing filter. It looks minimal or off. It's still in development, you know.

BossBattle1528d ago

Read title then get back with me

yewles11527d ago

YOU read the title. A 1080p pic doesn't make a game itself 1080p.

ColonelHugh1528d ago

I can't be the only one who got hungry from the Smile Burger menu.

Cannot wait for Japan Simulator 2016.