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PlayStation Vita's best launch title gets ported to PS4 in preparation for Gravity Rush 2. But how does a handheld game fare on a home console?

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Rimeskeem2565d ago (Edited 2565d ago )

So far this year is looking great for PS4. The Witness and now Gravity Rush Remastered. We arent even to the month that Bloodborne released last year. That being said this game does come out on the 2nd, only 6 days....

RosweeSon2565d ago

Yep Street Fighter 5 and Firewatch as well and that's a fair old amount of gaming for little old February.

Rimeskeem2565d ago

Then, if The Division is good we have that March and finally get to April.

BitbyDeath2565d ago

Afterbirth in March as well, and the tomorrow children may not be that far away either.

IamTylerDurden12565d ago

This yr is stacked, too stacked. I fear many quality games will get overlooked due to the embarrassment of riches PS4 is getting this yr.

TripleCs2565d ago


Don't forget about MLB 16: The Show in March as well for all the baseball fans out there.

These next 3 months are going to be insane for PS4 owners with all these exclusives and games dropping at the very start of the year.

DarkOcelet2565d ago

I am definitely playing this game.

It looks like a great game and it looks like Bluepoint did another excellent job.

TwoForce2565d ago

I have been wrapping my head around about two games. Which one I should buy ? The Witness or Gravity Rush Remastered ? Help me, man.

DarkOcelet2565d ago

I would honestly go for Gravity Rush.

I am not buying news games anytime now. I have tons of games from last years i haven't even opened yet so...

If you like Puzzles then go for The Witness.

if you like Action Adventure games then go for Gravity Rush Remastered.

FallenAngel19842565d ago

Vita had such a great launch lineup. Shame a thing doesn't always guarantee a platform's success.

On the other hand it's a great thing some of Vita's games are being ported

nogoodusernamesleft2565d ago

sony should buy bluepoint. they'll remaster every single ps3 and psvita exclusive for ps4, and remaster every single ps4 exclusive for ps5.

RosweeSon2565d ago

Looking forward to going through this again Platinum'd the Vita version so guess I'll be giving it a go again on here great game on Vita and only £19.86 at Shopto less if your on their membership scheme.

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The story is too old to be commented.