LEGO Marvel's Avengers Review - IGN

A few cool additions might not save this jumbled game, but they'll darn sure avenge it.

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badz1491522d ago

wow, that is surprisingly (unsurprisingly?) low. I had fears that this will not be better than the first LEGO Marvel because they decided to follow the movies instead of making an original storyline. kinda lame because we already know about those movies. this is LEGO for F sake, couldn't the be more creative with it like it is intended to?

DarkOcelet1522d ago

Isnt most of their LEGO games follow the movies?

That is where the charm is.

Although it would be awesome if we get a Lego Game like the Lego Movie with some good writers.

badz1491522d ago

At least LEGO Batman 1-3 and the last LEGO Marvel Superheroes weren't based on any movies and those were the best out of all of them.