Ubisoft Are Failing Rainbow Six: Siege writes:

''Ubisoft are often criticised for a lot of things . Recycling concepts time after time and over saturating their franchises are all sins they’re guilty of. Aggressive pre-order programs and DLC plans are also linked to Ubisoft. To their credit, they can throw out a few fresh games.''

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masteroftheclaw1529d ago

I was really excited for Rainbow Six: Siege...

PixelGateUk1529d ago

It's still worth picking up, Ubisoft just need to pick up the pace with their support. Though i kinda think the Division is their focus so who knows what'll happen

Manio311529d ago

I loved the game, it's fun, but the lack of content killed it for me. New gamemodes need to happen. Operators and new maps are great, but it needs some game-mode diversity big time.

Jubez1871528d ago

Meh, there's only so many game modes that work with rounds based tactical games. And I've played a lot of them, and I have to say that I see more Hostage extracting in 1 night of Siege than I did in my few years of SOCOM.

Most of the time, it comes down to TDM but every now and then people do go for the objective. The objective is there more so that the attackers will have to make a play eventually because the clock will run out.

Overall, I don't think any new game modes would actually change anything. They already have the essentials. Hostage, King of the Hill/Capture n' Hold, and Bomb plant. That's really more than enough.

Grayshadow1529d ago

I haven't heard many extreme cases of people losing interest in the game. Perhaps Ubisoft will address this in future updates, adding more free content instead of paid DLC.

sarlucic1528d ago

They have a whole 1 year free dlc plan, including maps and operators, nothing will be behind a paywall except the ugly skins

JackVagina1529d ago

Ubi is slow with updates but this is still the best MP shooter iv played in years.

authentic1529d ago

Ubisoft Has Failed Rainbow Six: Siege*

Fixed. YW

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