Infinite Doom: Why SnapMap Is id’s Secret Weapon

Doom's game director, Marty Stratton, shows how the new SnapMap feature opens the door for infinite gameplay.

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crazychris41241532d ago (Edited 1532d ago )

I'm looking forward to it. It's kinda like Halo's forge and some of the most fun I had were in the insane games and maps people created.

User created stuff are great for games and they give the games longevity. How many times have we seen articles on modding for old games on this site like GTA 4, Doom or Skyrim in the past year? A ton of them and do you think we would get as many if they didn't have mods?? Hell no! Wish more companies would build something like forge or release modding tools. Why else would I buy GTA 5 again? Yea 60fps is great but the mods is where the PC version shines.

Paytaa1532d ago

I really hope this game can maintain a solid community at least on consoles (since I don't have a beefy PC to run this bad larry) because this game is shipping with a lot of content for a community to take advantage and do cool things with.

Doom along with Halo 5 will fulfill my FPS needs for a long long time.

sorceror1711532d ago

Sucker Punch did this for Infamous 2, and it worked... sort of. Admittedly, creating levels for I2 was more complex, but there were some really impressive things created.

The issue was Sturgeon's Law - "90% of everything is crap." A lot of awesome missions were made, but *finding* them was tough, because of all the lame ones. Sucker Punch should have curated things more, made sure someone was finding and publicizing the good stuff. Media Molecule did a better job with that with the Little Big Planet games.

Hopefully iD will take that part of it seriously and promote the good levels that get created.

DefenderOfDoom21532d ago

I hope John Romero does a level using Snap Map. He just did a new level for the original DOOM.

UziSuicide1532d ago

That's pretty cool, definitely increases the longevity of the purchase.