Valve VR: Hands-On With 12 Vive Games - IGN

Valve gave us access to 12 Vive games. These are our on-the-fly impressions.

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Wallstreet371525d ago (Edited 1525d ago )

For all the talk about better software and quality, none of these games seem to grasp my attention or seem of better quality than games on PSVR. Or games like Eve Valkyrie that will be found on PSVR, Oculus and maybe Vive. Honestly Rigs and London Heist looks better than all these games imo.

traumadisaster1525d ago

Both vr attempts at games don't come close to what we want to play. It will get there but just a novelty now.

Wallstreet371525d ago

From what ive seen from Rigs, Eve Valkyrie and London Heist and a few others there are games that seem to play and look to be games that will give a great VR experience imo. It comes close to what i "expect" the first wave of VR games or systems in general to offer. Of course we want to see full fledged VR games like Dark Souls, Uncharted, Witcher, COD but we need to be realistic.

To be frank even current gen consoles fall short for many of "what they want to play" (locked 60 fps always at 1080P or 4K lol with tons of effects)

ginsunuva1525d ago

All VR lineups suck as of now

Wallstreet371525d ago

I dont agree but then i keep my expectations in check because i know its new tech for consoles. As i stated i more than happy from what i see from Rigs, London Heist, Robinson and Eve Valkyrie. Add to that the eventual release of Ace Combat and GT VR and im a happy camper. Previews have been very positive about most of the above mentioned games and they seem to be happy as well in regards to the results. Ill have to try it myself though to give a verdict.

DeToX4201525d ago

Still pretty early on for assumptions but you always ride sony so it's no surprise. Looking at specs alone makes rift the choice for future titles but yea keep lying to yourself Sesame Street.

Wallstreet371525d ago

Now u riding my.... 😂 got nerve to talk about riding lol lol Always the same girly fruity dudes on here catching feelings over inanimate objects hop off danielson 😂

traumadisaster1525d ago

I've never seen a more "wii inspired" bunch of dribble.

I will have vr but not for this try at tomb raider, fallout, witcher, cod, xcom, etc. For real games I will turn off vr and play 4kpc and console.

ji32001525d ago

you can play all those big AA title games in vr for pc because Vorpx.

Wallstreet371525d ago

Big difference between games made for specifically for VR and games able to run using the VR headset. The immersion wont be there.

bunt-custardly1525d ago

Alien Isolation is worth replaying again in VR and actually feels like a VR game. Skyrim isn't bad either if you can configure it correctly. My point is aside from these newly developed games there's quite a few older AAA games that work well in VR.