Don't Call Far Cry Primal Far Cry 4.5

We talk to lead writer Kevin Shortt about Primal's size, scope, and lack of dinosaurs.

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bixxel1532d ago

OH, sorry, then I will call it Far Cry 4.3

glassgannon9091532d ago

incorrect, its far cry 3.5v2

lociefer1532d ago

im gonna get slammed for this, but it feels like a farcry 4 mod than anything

BongSmack1532d ago

daaaaamn Sayten got slaaaammed!

-Foxtrot1532d ago

It is though. I mean it's coming off like something which started as the equivalent of "Blood Dragon" for Far Cry 3. However Ubisoft being Ubisoft decided to make it into a full game and slapped Far Cry onto it.

There's way too many similarities in the gameplay which remind me of Far Cry 4. The area looks like some areas of Kyrat, the Mammoths are basically the elephants and the Sabre cat are the spiritual tiger that was with you in Shangri La

After everything I've seen I don't think there is going to be much variation in gameplay like the other Far Cry games. The time setting restricts them from that, I mean I could think of over a dozen ways to clear an outpost in Far Cry with this it's basically Animal Command, pointy melee weapons or blunt melee weapons

bixxel1532d ago

Is this a Far Cry game in any respect? Where are the epic guns, launchers, explosives, vehicles? Most importantly, is there any island? Sharks, dolphins? Is there even a co-op or multiplayer mode?

chrisx1532d ago

Far Cry primal just doesn't feel fresh. Looks nothing more than a quick cash grab,which is very typical of ubisoft and their franchises

Smokey_Rasta_SA1532d ago (Edited 1532d ago )

I completely agree with you there. This should have been an extensive DLC to Far Cry 4 like they did wth Blood Dragon for FC3. The gameplay looks exactly the same, take out this post in various ways, only now you can use your tamed animal that you bravely did while holding one button, and somehow ask it to attack for you.

fluxmulder1532d ago (Edited 1532d ago )

This setting is wasted on the Far Cry franchise. The Stone Age should be hardcore survival, not owls dropping bombs and summoning animals out of nowhere.

Goldby1532d ago

i beg to differ, i read an article about matter, dark matter, the space time continuum. the main character isnt summoning them. he's simply using a latest version of the CAT4000 - command and Teleporter 4000. clearly the tiger, bear, or any other animal was kept in a cage near home base and teleported to him. summoning.... crazy talk /s

FunkyGoron1532d ago

Maybe I'm the idiot, but this is the first Far Cry game that I have been interested to play. The setting probably plays a big role in that. I'm also excited for Wild.

Hope that it's a fun game for people who haven't played the Far Cry series, I can understand people who played 3/4 to think of it as a mod/DLC.

Should've just called it, "Primal" and I don't know if we'd be having this conversation.

Hroach6161532d ago

I'm a huge far cry fan. I think people are hating just to hate. It's ubisofts take on this era. The the setting and story(I assume) is what matches the far cry series. I do see how people think it could have just been an expansion like blood dragon. But if this games scope is really big, and it's a decent length then I don't see any issues with this.

I'm very excited to play this game. It's actually my next big game I'm looking forward to playing right now after several play throughs of fallout 4.


It's that it has very familiar looking gameplay, clearing bases / enemy camps to expand your overworld map, wonder what the equivalent of the radio towers will be. I like the games, but ever since 2, it kinda feels like we keep getting the same game, all face-lifted. Don't know why, but I really liked FC Instincts (I just have found memories playing a lot of split screen with that one in particular, with my cousins, those effing feral powers, lol).

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The story is too old to be commented.