5 Games That Didn't Stop When You Thought It Was All Over

A look back at classic moments in games that kept on going just when you thought it was all over.

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Zotaku871524d ago

My adolescent mind was thoroughly blown when I beat the Johto Elite 4 in Pokémon Silver and found out I got to go back to Kanto. That was seriously so amazing.

AdventNick1524d ago

Same here! I was shocked I got another full game

ABizzel11524d ago (Edited 1524d ago )

Gold & Silver were classics, the greatest step forward in the series IMO (although abilities in R/S and physical / special in D/P were great additions as well).

The Jhoto region was already good, but then going back to Kanto, and having to fight Red on Mt. Silver as well as having that room that saves the team of the last player you fought online was just childhood epicness.

lol, online... I forgot it was called GB Link Cable.

PerfidiousSinn1524d ago

That Chrono Trigger one is really clever.

AdventNick1524d ago

Love how it works in the context of time travel

jcnba281524d ago

From article: "The addition of Kanto is all thanks to Satoru Iwata, who helped GameFreak compress the game enough for them to fit the entirety of the original Pokemon game in this sequel."


TheROsingleB1524d ago

Epic Indeed; Satoru Iwata was a straight up wizard when it came to crunching bits and bytes. He helped the Smash Bros Melee crew quite a bit during the final days of their development as well to get it out for Holiday 2001.