Five directions The Last Of Us 2 could go

Pause Resume suggest five different directions that a sequel to The Last of Us could go in.

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Thatguy-3101527d ago

Even though a game with new character's could work I just don't see it happening. From my understanding The last of Us is a story about Ellie's Journey. The game had no conclusion and she's too important to just be left out from that universe. Would like the next game to revolve around the government finding out she's immune and going to great lengths to capture her. It will obviously have to take plays a few yrs into the future 5-10. Any other story about any other survivors can easily be done for DLC.

ritchi451527d ago

How about instead of something we'd all expect, they make it where you play a member of some group of bandits in the wild, and you have to build up to become leader? Play the bad guys for once, deal with intruders, lead searches for stragglers etc. Maybe base building where you can assault other players online. Could be interesting.

medman1526d ago (Edited 1526d ago )

I want more Ellie. She's too good a character to let go of. Ellie is easily one of my favorite characters in all of gaming history. She's just awesome, in every way. She is so loyal, brave, funny, smart, resourceful, and tough as nails. What's not to love?

FunkyGoron1522d ago

Prequel story from Ish's point of view

Or at least make that DLC or stand-alone. Please ND, those little journal writings were so immersive for that world.

Besides, Neil and Bruce already had "the final scene" of Ellie/Joel at that live showing thing. I think they're done as main characters, they could be ancillary to the next game and be in it, but I really want a fresh story in that world.