The Division: How to Find Dark Zone Keys and Chests

The Division closed beta will go live for Xbox One users tomorrow, so here's everything you need to know about Dark Zone Keys, Chests, and everything in between.

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Ceaser98573611532d ago

Few more hours for beta.... all set.

Batnut001532d ago

God I hope this game turns out better than Destiny did.

TheSaint1532d ago (Edited 1532d ago )

It won't.

CP_Company1531d ago

so the bar is so low? if so,so yeah,it will be better.

Alduin1531d ago

I've heard from a few people that had early access to it that it is underwhelming, unfortunately. They said the "open world" is a bit restrictive, the map size isn't great, and the game is still struggling performance wise, especially on consoles.

Ya_bitch1532d ago

Agreed ! Really have been anticipating this release for a while now just hope it doesn't let us down like previous Ubisoft games

zerocarnage1532d ago

Remember it's a beta not final release. And it's an mmo, so long as people understand that then everyone should have fun with the division , features may be locked out as to for content, there may be odd bugs although my time in alpha I did not come across a great deal of them..

Only 55 mins left.

mantisimo1532d ago

Does anyone have a spare beta key they would like to share for ps4 I don't have a way to preorder I would be eternally grateful.


the_mack_attack31531d ago

Keep an eye on the Division twitter feed, they might throw some out over the next two days

xPhearR3dx1531d ago

Just pre-order on Amazon. They don't charge you until the game ships. Once you get your key to redeem on Ubisofts website. Just cancel the pre-order. No harm done :)

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