Why Call of Duty 4 Patch 1.8 Ain't Coming

It's seems Call of Duty 4 has finally been put on the back burner at Infinity Ward. We shouldn't expect Call of Duty 4 Patch 1.8 anytime soon unless a massive bug or exploit emerges. Sure we would love if the server browser sucked ass a little less, but it's not that bad. As for the highly requested Call of Duty TV (CODTV) it probably isn't coming anytime soon either.We have nothing to really complain about though, Infinity Ward has been generous in patches so far and I think most fans would agree it's time to go full force on the next Call of Duty.

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DaddyDC6503809d ago

but I don't see anything wrong with the PC version let alone the server browser. Everything seems to be working fine. I'd love more new maps though.....

Bolts3809d ago

The PC version of CoD 4 is an embarrassment of riches, there's really not much anyone could ask for.

1. PC version support dedicated servers. No lag and host disconnected issues. The so called "crappy" browser is 10 times better than the console's match making. For example PC users can actually choose the map they want to play on. Server admins can pick and choose which perks and game options to allow, no more cheesy martyrdom in hardcore.

2. Full mod support, PC gamers were playing new maps and various free content months before they arrived on the consoles.

3. When the console's paid map packs arrived on the PC, they got it for free LOL!

4. PC version cost $45 on release day, the console version cost $60. Totally unfair. You can also buy a digital copy of CoD 4 for the PC. No need to insert the DVD. Just click and play.

Despite all this it still isn't enough for some of the PC crowd. Like always the standards of PC gamers are astronomically high.

Charmers3809d ago

There is a reason for the PC version being cheaper. When you buy the PC version of the game there are no royalties to MS. I believe every xbox 360 game you buy at least $10 goes straight to Microsoft even if they had nothing to do with the game. Naturally there is none of that rubbish on the PC.

Tabasco3809d ago

I've never heard of this. Is the same thing true for the Wii and Ps3?

M337ING3809d ago

With 7 patches, the game is as bugfree and complete as anyone can ask for.

DirtyLary3809d ago

nothing to do with news.

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