Nvidia vs. Intel: Nvidia makes their next move

TVGB: "This last week Nvidia announced that they have finally released the free PhysX driver upgrade for their GeForce 8, 9, and -200 series of video cards.

This has come surprisingly soon after Nvidia's acquisition of Ageia and the proprietary PhysX engine. Beyond the obvious "cool, free stuff" reaction for those of us with the applicable GeForce cards, we've started asking ourselves, what are the big implications of this?"

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unbiased3716d ago

Man it really may become a all out war. Both company's have great minds but Intel has the deep pockets. Then again so does MS and that did nothing to combat the Wii's sales.

I sometimes wonder how important money really is in this game of tech. If you spill too much cash into something you don't make your money back in time for new stuff to com around. If I could own any company I would never own a tech company. My blood pressure would be through the roof!