Heroes of Handheld 124: Sony Saves The Banner Saga, Detective Pikachu & Petting in Fire Emblem Fates

Episode 124 of Heroes of Handheld, discussing all the latest in handheld gaming. This week we discuss how Sony helped saved a PS Vita port, how Pikachu is putting his detective hat and husky voice on & an interesting new mode in Fire Emblem Fates.

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DivineAssault 1522d ago

Petting should be an option.. Not taken out completely

ZeekQuattro1521d ago

If you want petting play Senran as that game has it in spades. Petting in Fire Emblem is out of place. We go from the new mechanic of getting married and having kids to petting? Really? Nope. It adds nothing to the game. Sorry bro.

DivineAssault 1521d ago

I dont want it, im saying it should be an option for those that do.. I hate censorship regardless if it affects me or not