Too Human 2 to take less time

Denis Dyack reveals that "There won't be any more engine re-writes or anything like that".

Too Human has had a troubled development, but it will finally arrive in the UK on August 29 (August 19 in the US). This is all well and good, but what about the next two games in the planned trilogy? Speaking to at a recent press event in London Dyack confirmed that the plan is still to make a trilogy of games and that the next game won't take so long to complete.

"It's certainly going to be faster than the first game. The whole idea of doing the trilogy was it was meant for the 360. Plans are still on track, nothing has changed." stated Dyack. "We're not announcing anything on the second or third game here. We're here to talk about the first. But people should be fairly happy at the development process from here on in. There won't be any more engine re-writes or anything like that. So it should be a lot smoother waters."

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HighDefinition3740d ago (Edited 3740d ago )

Funny. Let`s see how Too Human 1 does FIRST. I`m NOT sure if this trilogy will make it.

Maybe, we`ll see.

gaffyh3740d ago

Exactly, shouldn't they wait until they see how good Too Human 1 is before they start talking about the second game.

Kenshin_BATT0USAI3740d ago

Shouldn't they wait till the next Xbox? I doubt two more games like this will fit into like 5 years MAX now?

marinelife93740d ago

The Sistine Chapel took less time only four years. Of course Michaelangelo didn't start out using the Unreal Engine.

KidMakeshift3740d ago (Edited 3740d ago )

Advent Rising 2 took less time too... oh, wait
I wonder who won the million dollar contest... oh, wait

I'm waiting for Dyack to start posting "will embarrass self for game sales" on Neogaf... oh, wait

el_bandito3740d ago

hmmm...they aren't even sure if the first one will be good enough to deserve a sequel. Actually I'm foreseeing a lot of reviews that will pan the game. They say that to err is human. The developers quite messed up this one; I'm guessing they're too human after all.

mikeslemonade3740d ago

Too Human 2 on the 360 isn't going to do any better. The system power of the 360 is obsolete.

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Omega43740d ago

Thats if MS give you the funding to make the second one. If the first flops in sales than a doubt they'll waste their money on a sequel let alone a whole trilogy

Tobias1233740d ago

Exactly. I still feel that there is a lot of potential in Too Human, I hope it does well, so that we can get more.

TheExecutive3740d ago

ummm did anyone expect it to take longer? a sequel usually never takes longer.

el_bandito3740d ago

LOL, The first one took almost ten years. Cutting it by half seems fair enough. j/k

IzKyD13313740d ago

wow, you'd think they'd wait till AFTER the game releases to start talking about sequels

Snukadaman3740d ago

If you knew anything about this game,it has been a part of a trilogy.

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The story is too old to be commented.