Industry Vets Unleash No-Pants Sword Combat With Sword of Gary 6000

Georgi Trenev writes: "I'm mentioning the word veteran mainly because the team behind this game (Big Beaver Hat) consists of 5 battle-scarred industry chaps responsible for the design, art and management of iconic titles such as Thief (all three originals, minus that latest thing many people say we should not mention), Deus Ex 2, Star Wars: The Old Republic and American McGee's Alice. Not too bad of a line-up indeed, although I'm still scratching my head as to what made the bunch go from making immersive sims to developing a small 2D fighting game about slashing aliens."

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garyanderson1525d ago

This looks childish, but pretty funny.

SaveMeJebus1525d ago

No pants-sword combat is the best kind of sword combat!

kraenk121524d ago

Even if I'll never play the game I would love to give those guys my money now! Hilarious!