Here Is The Full DLC Lineup For Fire Emblem Fates

Nintendo has unveiled the full schedule for Fire Emblem Fates DLC.

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Hoffmann1532d ago

Times really changed. In 2016, Nintendo is making even more DLC than companies like Capcom or Electronic Arts.

Philface1532d ago (Edited 1532d ago )

Is it bad to have additional content? Also they had dlc for FEA as well which was of high quality. And an other difference is that it does not cost the same as the main game, which btw will have a lot of content by itself.

Hoffmann1532d ago

Only if companies like Activision, EA or Capcom are releasing it. If Nintendo does it, its not a bad thing anymore.

Philface1532d ago (Edited 1532d ago )

You said that. I think it's good to have additional content for games you like. I only can speak for my experiance with ea now but having bought premium service for bf 3 (actually good addition) and bf4 (I really felt srcewed by this as it was of less quality because of bugs and maps were bad designed) it's a double edged swored because I payed for some thing Ihaven't even seen before and long before it's release.

Kreisen1532d ago

Much like Disney, Nintendo is very good at hiding behind their furry creations and fanboys.

SpeedDemon1532d ago

Oh come on, EA & Capcom are hated for the way they implement DLC, not because it exists. There are plenty of other companies that do DLC right and don't catch much hate from releasing it.

ZeekQuattro1531d ago

People say Nintendo needs to get with the times. Guess what DLC is part of that. Get over it. lol Nintendo supports the game and people complain. Mind blown. lol

3-4-51531d ago

You guys realize these aren't story related or main game related DLC right?

It's additional DLC levels if you want to level up or play with some older characters from Awakening.

The Main game content of Birthright, Conquest, & Revelations is all within the game for the regular price of $40 for the game.

We are getting 3 $40 games for the price of $80.

You save $40.

We get 3 Fire Emblem games....and you guys are still complaining.

* EA isn't always bad, they made Plants vs Zombies Garden Warfare 1&2 and those are awesome games. Well 1 is, and 2 looks to be just as good at least....and those included free DLC but also tons of stuff to unlock, also is mostly multiplayer only stuff.

Some people just love matter what it's about.

Today it's this, yesterday it was something else, tomorrow it will be something different.

Some of you can't be that fun to be around.

Hoffmann1531d ago

I am always against the idea of dlc.

Disliked it years ago in 2008 in 2010 in 2012 and today.

The only difference is that Nintendo is doing it now too and with every year more and more.

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zombiewombie1532d ago

So they split the story through 3 versions and now are talking about dlc before the games have even come out? Does no one else think this sucks?

SpeedDemon1532d ago

The games have been out in Japan for months now.

Stealth20k1531d ago

They released 3 full fire emblem games. 3 FULL games.

Stealth20k1531d ago

The comments here are embarrassing. Nintendo is releasing 3 full FE games and still people who do not know anything are complaining.