Check Out These Amazing Rise of the Tomb Raider Screenshots at 4K

Rise of the Tomb Raider will finally be available on PC tomorrow, the game was originally launched on Xbox One and Xbox 360 game in November, 2015 and was received with positive reviews from both reviewers and gamers like.

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ShadowKnight1529d ago

Will my GTX 980 hold up in 4K :)

megatron007331529d ago

Nvidia.. The only that outcome that you'll get is a boom *fries*

Pandamobile1529d ago

Your Fermi reference is about 6 years out of date, I'm afraid.

FasterThanFTL11529d ago

Yes at 30 fps. No at 60 fps.

ninsigma1529d ago

Think I'll be going 4k this year. Gonna wait until pascal is released though. Game looks brilliant in 4k and I'd love to experience more new games at that level!

--bienio--1529d ago (Edited 1529d ago )

Asus ROG Swift PG27AQ 4k with 970 Sli is enough for smooth 60fps gameplay??

sadsatan1529d ago

4K is the future. 60fps at 4K on a 55" OLED TV is my idea of heaven. my big concern is whether to grab 2x 980 GTX Ti or wait for Pascal?!!!!!!

kdmitchell_toh1529d ago

If your wallet/purse can handle another 980 Ti, then do it. Otherwise wait. From what I see, you don't need a SLI setup for 1080p, unless you're doing 4k and even then you won't get 60fps ;(

crazychris41241529d ago

Wait for a single powerful card like the next gen GPUs from AMD or Nvidia that are coming out later this year. Problem with multiple GPUs is some games dont support them like Arkham Knight, Cities Skylines, Just Cause 3, Ark, Wolfenstein The New Order and more.

Sir_Simba1529d ago

I'm waiting for pascal.

Aither1528d ago

Question is will next generation GTX 1080 even be able to achieve 4k at 60fps? Perhaps with certain games it will but higher performance games you will have to wait for the generation after pascal so Nvidia can scrub more money off of you.

Genova841529d ago

Waiting on benchmarks myself to see how it scales in SLI before i make a decision. I didn't buy 2 980tis to NOT play in 4k 60 fps. Or wait, i did! FU Fallout 4, AC Syndicate and Arkham Knight!

Witcher 3 scaled well but only get 45-50 still.

Far Cry 4 runs beautifully.

In many older games the 4k doesn't make a hige difference, though mods help.

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MadMax1528d ago

Was reading all about 4K and can tell you after much research and viewing in store, it's all about size and viewing distance. If you got a modern high end led flatscreen vs a 4K tv, you're not really going to notice a lot.

They are using 4K because it sounds good, like 1080p. It's just a flashy advertising pitch. Would wait a few more years if you're smart.