How Developers Could Learn from The Order 1886

It may not be all terrible, but developers could really learn from the low points of The Order 1886.

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magiciandude3090d ago (Edited 3090d ago )

Lesson #1: If you want to know how to not make a game, look no further than The Order 1886. Graphics alone don't make a game good.

Lesson #2: If you think your game will anger the general gaming population, bomb hard on Metacritic, and become another game that fail the massive hype you've built up for it, smoke and mirrors is your best friend. You'll need the sales.

Of course this is all IMO. This is honestly how my feelings are with this game. Take it or leave it.

Kal-V33090d ago (Edited 3090d ago )

The only lesson to learn here is to not hype your game up no matter what. Until Dawn had more QTE's and less action than Order and it was PRAISED because it "came out of nowhere" for most people. It took me longer to beat the Order than Until Dawn so game length wasn't the issue, though replay value would be in this case.

People were ragging on Sony for not pushing Until Dawn and i severely disagree. If Sony was pushing that Until Dawn was the next big thing, people would have ripped it in half due to expectations. For the record, i loved both games.

Lastly, the Order was not "Hyped" it was simple promoted just like any other game. Gamers built it up like it's VideoGame Jesus just based on the visuals and though it everything else would fall into place. Tack on the facts that it's an exclusive and the start of a new gen and, there you are....

I could tell months ahead of time that The Order was not going to get a fair shake. Was it perfect, No! It was a solid 7.5-8 imo, but FAAAAARRR from horrible.

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vegasgamerdawg3090d ago (Edited 3090d ago )

Your logic is flawed. Explain hyped games the sell really well...I'll wait.

Hint: They were fun to play.

Developers hype their games for a reason, it works. You're rationalizing for your favorite company.

FanBOY's don't deal in reality, they're corporate slaves, thinking is not allowed. Blaming hype, when all evidence suggest otherwise, is foolish and naive.

Gazondaily3090d ago

"Lastly, the Order was not "Hyped" it was simple promoted just like any other game."

Wow. Talk about revisionist history. Game was hyped through the roof.

"I could tell months ahead of time that The Order was not going to get a fair shake."

The game was a victim of its own shortcomings, not a mass conspiracy.

And the Until Dawn comparison...really?

Just no.

jeremyj29133090d ago

It was definitely "hyped" but not because the developers or Sony hyped it up. People assumed it was going to be like Gears of War and what they got was a game similar to Heavy Rain. If it were advertised that way, like Until Dawn, and people knew what they were getting into then I believe it still would have sold well. The fact that RaD and Sony said nothing to calm the flames being spread by the hype only hurt the game in the end. So really all it takes is proper advertising. Let people kno what exactly they are getting into so they're expectations don't go astronomical and there shouldn't be a problem.

generic-user-name3090d ago

The Order had plenty of detractors before it even launched. I remember some dude got an early copy and leaked details like 'it's 5 hours long' (over 10 for me, more because it played again for the plat). It got attacked because some of its chapters were cutscenes, which essentially meant people were complaining that a little bit of text appears on the screen during certain cutscenes. WHO CARES if some cutscenes got chapter titles like the gameplay chapters, what difference does it make?

It was when I read Kotaku's review for it, when he called the game ugly, that I knew the reviewers had jumped on the hate wagon.

Yes the werewolf fights were shite and the re-used 'boss' fight was lame but other than that it was a very good game. Not great, but very good.

Most underrated game of 2015.

CJ64Bit3090d ago

I agree, I even mention in the article that the game isn't as bad as many make it out to be. I even mention that there are bits I liked, and complimented the game on such. Really the article only focuses on the two lowest points that deal with expanded story telling/world building and the pacing issues between gameplay and cut scenes.

OhMyGandhi3090d ago

I agree with this comment one hundred percent. But I feel it goes even a bit deeper than marketing.

Marketing killed The Order, it accentuated all the wrong aspects of the game, and made the game look like something it's really not.

They basically stated that it's werewolves and steampunk, with a hint of the cinematic elements taken from a game like Uncharted.

But let's be honest here, people.
It wasn't hype. It wasn't even that the game was bad, it just wasn't what people wanted.

It became overly reliant on QTES, and the levels themselves were insanely linear, to a point reminiscent of old games found on PS1/N64, crumbling any sense of player autonomy, and also ruining the sense of scale the game wishes to depict.

Worst of all, however, was that the game's own "story" wasn't that interesting to begin with, and that's where the developers have stated time and time again, that the game wishes to provide. A meaningful timeline with characters you care about, nothing of the sort was even hinted at within the game.

I bring up a game like Uncharted, which Ready at Dawn certainly felt they could recreate, within a dreary, near monotone depiction of 1880's London, but the reason why the story worked in Uncharted is relatively easy: it's basically Indiana Jones, an adventure with rare artifacts and competing parties vying their way for its possession. The simple stories of all three games works, with additional little details thrown in to make it its own thing.

Marketing showed alot of werewolves, and combat with them, and we ended up with about 5 minutes of total combat through the game's short 5 hour runtime.

The most important thing to remember is that this is Ready At Dawn's first rodeo with "big boy" platforms, and it's really exciting to see what they've done with their engine, in particular. The bones are there for an awesome game, and they just need to make sure they nail down the gameplay elements before bothering with exposition.

Phar0ahad33090d ago

Sony games get the skull and crossbones before they even come out......just look how much hate sony games get for no reason, the last of us, beyond two souls, the order 1886 , until dawn, Knack, Killzone shadowfall, infamous second son, no mans sky, some people even take a crap on horizon, sony makes the best games but people just hate hate and destroy then the games sell terrible....this industry will die and it will all be thanx to these people........

Gazondaily3089d ago

^^ Please tell me that's sarcasm omg

kraenk123089d ago


The contrary... The guys has his points and he is totally right. Wrong expectations killed the game.

specialguest3089d ago

The Order was a solid 7.5-8?? Yes in your opinion. In my opinion, it was a 6. All graphics and barely any gameplay, stupid AI, and repeat boss battle with the same freakin wolf who does the same thing over and over. Press the X button at the right time to win...yay! C'mon man! Had this been a 3rd party multiplatform game, I bet you won't have the same favorable opinion.

maniacmayhem3089d ago (Edited 3089d ago )

Wrong expectations killed the game? Exactly what were the expectations that people got wrong, that it was supposed to be good? Some of you are hilarious when it comes to this game.

This isn't one or two rogue reviewers going against the grain, a couple of disgruntled PS fans starting a fight, a secret set of Xbox fanboys trying to sabotage Sony's prestigious game line up. The majority consensus is the game is just awful.

The game was HYPED and anyone who doesn't think it was is only fooling themselves.

I wonder was TLoU victimized months before release? Uncharted? Infamous? Bloodborne? No wait, all celebrated Sony games?

But I guess the media and gamers just woke up and decided to pick on The Order for no good reason at all.

Hilarious how most are willing to give this game a pass. If this game was made by Nintendo, EA, Activision and (lord have mercy) MS, this trash would be getting shredded to pieces.

andibandit3089d ago (Edited 3089d ago )

"Lastly, the Order was not "Hyped"

I remember constantly seeing Screenshot articles from 6 months before release until release
*waves @ Abriael*

no no, not hyped at all...

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DivoJones3090d ago

XB1 had Ryse: Son of Rome.. PS4 needed The Order: 1886 to fill that 'holy **** this looks amazing but isn't particularly fun" void.

The Order did create (at least in my opinion) an interesting world/setting. But is it worth trying to make a sequel and fix some of the flaws, or shelving it and creating a less ambitious/more commercially lucrative game instead?

DJustinUNCHAIND3090d ago

Difference is Ryse was a launch title.

JasonKCK3090d ago

Both Ryse and The Order are mediocre games that pushed graphics over gameplay and content. They both deserve their fate.

Tobsesan3089d ago

Well Ryse was a launch game with better graphics that had way more content. But yeah, both are tech demos

NukaCola3090d ago

The Order wasn't garbage. It was just a poor first game. I think they could really deliver an Uncharted level experience with a sequel.

quaneylfc3090d ago

What you said were facts.

It didn't do well review wise and graphics alone don't make a good game.

kraenk123089d ago

Yet there were many people who actually liked the game for what it was.

quaneylfc3089d ago

But there is no such thing as an objectively good game?

There ARE such things as an objectively bad game but that is another story.

Whether a game is good or not will ALWAYS be up to the person playing.

kraenk123089d ago

Your lessons would be worth more if you had at least played the game...let alone own a PS4.

magiciandude3089d ago

I own both a PS4 and a collector's edition copy of The Order 1886. Thanks for confirming my lessons as valid! 😂

jb2273089d ago


Prove it.

maniacmayhem3089d ago

Maybe you're the one who needs a PS4 to play this awful garbage.

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gangsta_red3090d ago (Edited 3090d ago )

The Order is definitely a game that embodies all flash but no substance. It looked great, no doubt about that and may have played well but that's all it did , everything else was just mediocre.

"the world that the game was starting to establish actually had hints of being vaguely intriguing,"

This was a huge glaring hole in the game. It seems the devs were so confident that this game was going to be a hit that they purposely left out the more intriguing parts of the world and left vague hints of this world to be explored in the sequels. Unfortunately it just felt flat and nothing more than a missed opportunity to make the game a better experience.

The biggest casualty of the game though is the actual game play. The Order was a group of knights fighting the super natural. The fact that you hardly fight anything supernatural is the biggest crime this game committed.

I remember one of the biggest complaints for Aliens: Colonial Marines was you hardly fought any aliens but instead you fought human enemies throughout most of the game, that was a huge rip off.

Developers can definitely look to this game when trying to avoid the many things that may have looked good on paper but executed poorly in the actual game.

ziggurcat3090d ago

"This was a huge glaring hole in the game. It seems the devs were so confident that this game was going to be a hit that they purposely left out the more intriguing parts of the world and left vague hints of this world to be explored in the sequels."

so do you expect, say, a TV series to blow their proverbial wad all within the first episode? if your answer is "no", then why would you expect the devs of this game to do that if their intent was clearly to build up the story over a series of games?