See Rise of the Tomb Raider PC Version's Technical Features in This Video

PC version getting dynamic foliage, anisotropic filtering, and a better level of detail overall.

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thejohnrenald1522d ago

Isn't it pure 60fps!!!!!!!!

OoglyBoogly1521d ago

What a crock of shit..."The Way It's Meant To Be Played"...Featuring AMD Technologies...

How the Hell did Nvidia even weasel their way into this game?

Spoonsx1521d ago

Why don't you like NVidia?

OoglyBoogly1521d ago

Well there could be multiple reasons like their closed off libraries and deceptive marketing tactics but my post isn't about my's about how this is a AMD game yet for no reason at all other than Nvidia throwing money at Square it's now some TWIMTBP title. Makes no sense.

KTF261521d ago

" How the Hell did Nvidia even weasel their way into this game?"

"their closed off libraries"
The closed libraries aren't the problem
the problem is these libraries unlock insane amount of tessellation which make more impact on AMD GPUs for the time being
before Kepler AMD was better with tessellation
Maybe with Polaris they will get better again

"how this is a AMD game yet for no...."
AMD game!!!
no it's Square Enix and Crystal Dynamics game

gz19871521d ago (Edited 1521d ago )

YEA PC!!! Hey man i was an AMD guy most of my life but got so sick of amd cpu and gpus not being able to get high fps. went intel and nvidia and i havnt seen a game i cant max yet. sooo until amd releases some legit shit or fixes the issues with nvidia doing shit to the games im sticking with intel/nvidia.

OoglyBoogly1521d ago

The hell are you talking about? AMD GPU's have been top notch for years now. It's only been recently with the 9xx series that Nvidia's actually been truly on top. Before then from the 7xx and 6xx series AMD's been the fastest with their 7970 and 290 series.

So their GPU's are more than legit and nothing is broke that needs fixing. Hell, their
drivers even have had less issues than Nvidias more recent releases.

Educate yo self and quit spreading misinformation.

Maxor1521d ago

AMD CPUs suck for gaming, stop beating a dead horse. As for the AMD vs Nvidia GPU battle....that's a fanboy ridden can of worms.

But I will say this. AMD is getting their ass handed them year after year. They need to clobber Nvidia soundly this time or else they won't last much longer and I'm not just talking about a 2% tangent in performance. For AMD to come back they need the total package, performance, price, and bundle.

GearSkiN1521d ago

Improvement wasn't as big as the first game. Xbox version holds up

kraenk121521d ago (Edited 1521d ago )

True...there are clearly noticeable differences but all in all it holds up pretty well! Great job Crystal Dynamics.

Also glad to hear this seems to be a great port. All is good in Lara-Land.

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The story is too old to be commented.