Hey Game Makers: Don't forget, Betty likes to play "guy" games, too

Gamertell has posted an article that relates a story published in Betty & Veronica Digest Magazine to a surge in female-oriented games being released September 2008.

From the article:

"In an issue of Betty and Veronica Digest Magazine (no. 125, Jan. 2002) with a story titled 'Game Gambit' featuring fictional game maker Zapco Games. The company has asked Betty, the blonde-next-door and sometimes gender-bending teenager, to help test a series of arcade games targeted towards girls. The story starts with Betty claiming most games and being too violent for girls and Zapco shows her a series of prototypes that Betty rejects as being too stereotypical..."

The fictional, stereotypically female-oriented arcade games in the comic book story are strangely close to the eight DS releases listed in the article.

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