Gamedaily: Fable II Pub Games Review

Gamedaily writes: "In an attempt to build hype for its upcoming open-ended role-playing game Fable II, Lionhead Studios gave Xbox Live subscribers a chance to gamble with their characters' fates with the release of Fable II Pub Games. This simulation gives you the opportunity to rack up gold with three separate games. Given that creator Peter Molyneux's name is all over it, it should've been a fun way to pass the time while waiting for the real deal. Sadly, it's not.

The simplest of the three is Spinnerbox, a slots-like game that flips emblems on a triangular board. The goal is to match up two or more similar markings with each other to win gold pieces and extra turns. This one is the easiest game, since all you do is place your bet and tapping on the button to spin. However, aside from moving to bigger triangle boards with more spinners, this game fails to excite."

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