Prime Minister Tony Blair's PS3 Scandal

On Boxing Day (that would be the day after Christmas to all of us Yanks) Prime Minister Tony Blair flew out to Florida with his family for a week-long holiday at the Miami Beach home of the Bee Gees Robin Gibb.

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Dick Jones5245d ago

Sony just likes to pick on and squeeze the little guy. Why should people follow the laws when the lawmakers don't?

BlackCountryBob5245d ago

So Blair can import a PS3, I assume the money grabbing little twit will bring it back to UK when he sadly returns! Sony sue companies all over Europe to stop people importing PS3s and PSPs "for our own safety" but Blair buys one and no problems, its nice to know your position in society, right at the bottom being screwed from all directions!

Alymon5245d ago

This isn't as big of a deal as anyone is making it out to be.

So what if he imports it? He's not the only person to have done it.

There's no indication of where it was purchased or if any "influence" was used to get it. Hell, I walked into a Gamestop on Tuesday and they had 3 or 4 PS3's sitting in the back waiting to be sold without any buyers yet.

Aside from Sony being a whiny baby about importing, there's nothing here to suggest that this is any kind of a "scandal".

I vote lame for the journalism (or lack of).

malachi235245d ago

Ok so your going to begrudge the fact the PRIME MINISTER OF GREAT BRITAIN has a few perks here and there?.

I work in a post office and don't pay for stamps or's a perk of the job FFS...i bet if George.w.Bush wanted a delaystation then he could have a delaystation.

BlackCountryBob5244d ago

The prime minister should receive no perks at all! Remember, UK is a democracy and he is only PM to represent me as another citizen, there is no way he should be able to do anything I cannot do! Him importing a PS3 when I cant is an affront to the rule of law which he is supposed to represent!

MicroGamer5244d ago

Now that the PM is seen to be doing it, others in the UK will feel better about doing it themselves. Some people who may have been hesitating due to it being illegal, will now be on ebay bidding to get one. This is going to have widespread repercussions and hurt the official PS3 launch.