Game Focus: King of Clubs Review

Game Focus writes: "Meet Big Bubba, an Elvis impersonator (no correlation with way cooler Bubba Ho-Tep) who built a huge crazy golf emporium, nearby the hot and dry Nevada desert, where 90+ courses are ready to be played against failed actors posing as mini-golf professionals "in stupid costumes". That's the premise of King of Clubs, a sports-puzzle-action game who tries everything but fails everywhere. Here's our review…

Making a golf game on the Wii nowadays it's a no-brainer because of the appeal of the Wii Remote. Make it work is another thing. If EA and Nintendo were able to bring some good golf mechanics to Tiger Woods and Wii Sports' Golf mode, Oxygen Interactive fails miserably with this obvious port from the PS2 to the Wii (more on that later). Let's start with the controls since it's the most important thing to deliver in a golf game on the Wii (okay it's not golf, it's mini-golf…but still it isn't an excuse)."

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