Crytek really wants Kojima to come visit its studio

"Hideo Kojima and Mark Cerny are currently on a whirlwind tour of game studios around the world to check out cool new technologies. Today the pair visited Guerrilla Games in Amsterdam, which caught the attention of Crytek.

Aware that Cerny and Kojima could reach Crytek's office in Frankfurt in a few hours, the Crytek Twitter account sent out the following messages."By James Orry

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MasterCornholio1521d ago

Well he could use cry engine which makes sense.

kraenk121521d ago

lol...desperate moves. Better stay away Kojima san.

ZombieGamerMan1521d ago

Just stay away Kojima you don't need to be near the taint of disgrace from them, a 2 trick pony

Fishy Fingers1521d ago (Edited 1521d ago )

Bit harsh, considering Crytek are known for being a leading tech developer and arguably a game developer second, it wouldn't hurt to visit.

Frankly the same could be said about GG. Great tech, average games.

PrinceOfAnger1521d ago

and yet RYSE and crysis games s#!t on all MGS games graphics wise

ZombieGamerMan1521d ago

Oh well then I guess Kojima should commit seppukku cause clearly graphics beat gameplay, story and being a genre defining franchise

die_fiend1521d ago

Yeah Crytek would love him to visit so they can see meet someone with an imagination and flair.

See Crysis 2-3 were the most bland, emotionless, charmless games I've ever played. The graphics were pretty nice, but when there is no reason to play, why bother?

-Foxtrot1521d ago

Maybe he should ask someone from Konami to visit them....seem like they would get along better

die_fiend1521d ago

First agreeable comment from you Foxy - congrats!

chrisx1521d ago

They need him to show them the basics on video game - gameplay

1521d ago
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