Thief Review

Bit Cultures writes: "'I Think I’ve Got the Gloom…' At least, that’s how I felt when playing through Thief, the first-person stealth game by Eidos Montreal. Set in a dreary, Gothic/Victorian metropolis indifferently referred to as 'the City,' players assume the role of Garrett, the notorious master thief/vampire fashion designer. The game has some good things going for it, but all too often those elements get bogged down by awkward controls, confusing level design, and an entirely forgettable campaign."

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Khaotic1527d ago

Why would anybody play this garbage? And now at all times. Play dishonered and youll see what this game should have been

Shadowgate1527d ago

I shut off all the noob stuff and it was a blast.the guards hearing my mic was awesome.Every time my girl came in the room they heard her and came looking for me.Great game most people just clueless.

porkChop1527d ago

The game actually wasn't that bad. Not worth $80, no, but worth playing. As Shadowgate has said, turn off all the noob crap and the game plays pretty well.

Trilithon1527d ago (Edited 1527d ago )

This game is terrible not to mention buggy. So linear, full of lame tasks and the story is awful. Really a disappointment to any thief fan

edit - and yeah why even review this game? it came out in 2014 and theres Dozens of video reviews on youtube that are actually quite funny.

Khaotic1527d ago

I got this on GWG and it was so horrible i couldnt finish it. People who like this game are throwing dirt on a once great franchise

LamerTamer1527d ago

It does start slow and honestly the first hour I didn't like it. As I got further in I liked it more. I can see why this isn't for everyone. DudeBro shooter fans will hate it. I beat it and enjoyed it despite its flaws which all games have. It has good atmosphere and sense of place and many parts were interesting. he Asylum creeped me out. Most games like this force third person view but this being a FPV game gave it more immersion. I had no texture pop up or screen tearing either when I played it (PS4).