Opinion: Placing labels on others goes against the spirit of gaming

Call yourself a gamer if you like, but forcing that label - or any other label - on other video game fans does more harm than good.

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PixelGateUk1523d ago

Comparing Candy Crush (a free mobile game) to a Wii U (hardware that costs over £100, then add games on top of that) is a pretty weak point to be honest

-Foxtrot1523d ago (Edited 1523d ago )

Not really.

If I've been gaming all my life and not only play games but have a vast knowledge on the industry only to be compared by a "casual" gamer that we are both on the same level as "gamers" then I'd tell them where to go.

It's like if you were an artist, someone who has done art since high school. What about if you came along and quickly made something on a canvas only to finish it and proudly yourself an artist? How do you think the real artist is going to someone who paints a picture is somehow an artist "just like me", yeah I don't they would be happy. Same can be said about anything to be honest.

Just because you play a few games or just play the big blockbuster games doesn't mean you are automatically a gamer.

Kreisen1523d ago

Congratulations, you just missed the whole point of this article. And did you seriously just compare playing videogames as a hobby to being a professional artist?

-Foxtrot1523d ago

I didn't

My point is if you take someone who takes up art as a hobby they are still going to call themselves an artist.

If you actually have a real interest in something and someone only dabbles in it how are you and them the same? You're not.

There's nothing wrong with the causal gaming term or labels

Only time it's silly is when they use the term "Gaymers" or something

Bimkoblerutso1523d ago (Edited 1523d ago )

You have to understand that it's a matter of identity. I will make no excuses for the asshats out there that treat labels as a badge of honor (or dishonor), and consequently act in a condescending manner, but I see nothing wrong with establishing a differentiation between people that genuinely enjoy gaming as a hobby, and those that enjoy games that they can play in between text messages.

Not that there is anything wrong with those people, but social situations become ridiculously confusing and awkward when trying to relate to them simply because they like to refer to themselves in the same way that actual hobbyists do.

Again, not trying to say that industry doesn't suffer from it's fair share of elitism, but as Godmars290 suggests down there, it's a road that goes both ways. I don't think the actual act of labeling is the problem, it's the random negative connotations people like to affix to said labels that start mucking things up.

Utalkin2me1523d ago

Wow just Wow.....Seems some people are more worried about others then themselves. Know what i say "Who Cares".

-Foxtrot1523d ago

Not's just annoying when you care about something and someone else doesn't but tries to make out you and them are on the same level.

Utalkin2me1523d ago (Edited 1523d ago )

Who cares guy seriously. Thats the problem with society as a whole today. If my neighbor plays candy crush once a week and wants to call himself a gamer then thats his business. I could care less what he refers to it as.

Goldby1523d ago

i pulled a piece of glass out of my shin, does that make me a emergency surgeon?

the point is, that someone who games on the subway to work, for 5 minutes, on a free to play game isnt as commited as someone who spends 400$+ on a console and then games, and plays them every single night,

and before you say well someone plays more times on the way to and form work on subways and stuff, in that forty-five minutes total, their garrison building upgrades moved less than an inch.

Gamers, are people who enjoy gaming yes, but casual gamers are people who pass the time waiting by playing games.

im a gamer, and if someone who i know says they are a gamer and only plays candy crush or clash of clans. i put them in their place. i inform and educate them on the difference. they arent gamers just as i am not a hardcore gamer.

its respect in the end, and if we were all categorized as gamers... you may see free-to-play models start showing up in AAA games... like CoD or Destiny.. or MGSV

Roccetarius1523d ago (Edited 1523d ago )

Considering sites like these are trying to tell us, that we also have a 50/50 split in gender, it's hard to take them seriously when they also lump us in with wannabe gamer mobile users. They're always trying to cherry pick statistics, in order to prove a false reality.

They may dabble in it, but they sure as hell don't care about the big picture as a whole.

Eonjay1523d ago


I don't understand you. Could it be that you are taking the whole thing too seriously? To hell how the 'real artist' feels. If you are proud of your work thats all that matters.

'Just because you play a few games or just play the big blockbuster games doesn't mean you are automatically a gamer'

Yes the hell it does. Why would ANYONE let YOU tell them what they are.

GamePeace1523d ago

There are no "real artists" only fake people who pretend to be "real artists" ...

GamePeace1523d ago (Edited 1523d ago )

You have a strange kind of thinking which manifests in your writing that seems kind of irrational and narrow-minded in my opinion.

Art itself is very abstract and subjective, there are no better artists, just different ones. Art depends on your personal taste or view of the world or things in general (there are no clear standards which defines an artist or what is art or not, everything is rather personal and subjective in this field). It's not like the mathematical field for example, where there are clear standards or a clear solution. That shows me that you have no clue in this field ...

Doing art "since high school" is not what makes you or anyone else an artist, because there are many people who visit art schools and are not even able to have an own style, because they simply copy other famous artists and still pretend to be "artists". Some people are born "artists", they don't do art "since high school", they do art since they can hold pencils (then again there are those who do art "since high school" or visit art schools and are not even able to produce something of their own or something which comes from their own imagination).

To the last point, just because you play some games that nobody knows (niche games from japan for example) or certain core games, doesn't mean that you are a gamer. It does neither depend on the time you spend playing games.

A "gamer" is everyone who engages himself in those kind of activities, it doesn't matter if you play Dark Souls or Candy Crush. Many think that being a "gamer" is some kind of respectable "title" you earn when you fulfill certain standards, but it's certainly not in my eyes, because each game can be played and conquered by everyone that has or takes the right amount of time and patience to finish it (it doesn't make you special or seperates you from the rest and it doesn't make you "automatically" a so-called "gamer" ...

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cyber_daemonx1523d ago

Interesting but ultimately pointless article, especially on here lol.

Godmars2901523d ago (Edited 1523d ago )

Isn't that how all the SJW/#GG BS got started? By game journalist labeling their audience gamers, instantly dump a number of negative stereotypes onto said label, then saying that they were no longer going to cater to anyone so labeled and that up and coming game makers, current ones, shouldn't cater to them as well?

I feel that this goes from pointing a finger at itself to pointing a finger at itself.

001523d ago

SJW can't think and a bunch of casuals who barely play games shouldn't be surprised when the people who have much more investment and money put in don't like it when said casual try to weasel their way in.

ginganinja1523d ago

Those articles -in particular the Leigh Alexander one- were actually directed to developers/publishers/gaming press and telling them that their audience isn't, and never was, limited to those negative stereotypes and they should reflect that in the way they address them.

Sheesh, you've had a year and a half to actually read the thing.

1523d ago
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