Fans Are Turning Fallout: New Vegas Into A Multiplayer Game, And It Sounds Wild


Introducing New Vegas: Multiplayer, a mod that will let players venture out into the Mojave wasteland with buddies (or enemies.)

While the modification of the 2010 game is still in its early days, what developers are showing off so far looks promising. Here, for example, you can watch a few different players all load into a single area, as well as some combat:

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-Foxtrot1523d ago

See long as there are modders to add in multiplayer Bethesda don't need to do it themselves.

TheBurger291522d ago

Its never going to be that good though. Just a simple 2 player co-op would be more than enough for them to add.

KingOfArcadia1522d ago

Which is fine by me - let Bethesda focus on single player, Fallout doesn't need a tacked-on multiplayer mode.

-Foxtrot1522d ago


Why waste resources on something which could ruin the experiences people love about the games the way they are