EA announces EA Play 2016 taking place in LA and London

We're excited to announce EA Play, an all-new event experience in Los Angeles and London this June built around our players and bringing our latest games to life.

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Geobros1532d ago

2 days before E3? So E3 will not be at E3 this year as it seems...

pompombrum1532d ago

I'm really not surprised by this, it gives them a chance to capitalize on the hype and gain maximum exposure as they won't have to worry about getting drowned out by all the E3 reveal noise.

Hoffmann1532d ago

Won't watch it anyway. Stopped buying EA Games a long time ago.

Lonnie181532d ago

I also have not bought EA games in a long time, just waiting for the next Mass Effect or Dead Space. Anything else I won't bite.

Eldyraen1532d ago

Titanfall 2 has potential if they make additions many wanted--mainly a campaign as it had so much potential and was stil fun but could had been even better.

Besides ME/DS I want to see what they do with Star Wars. Battlefront couldn't keep me entertained for long but the IP still has huge potential.

pompombrum1532d ago

Titanfall doesn't really count though, it's not an EA game, they're just publishing.

Eldyraen1532d ago

EA is the publisher so it will be at the show if anywhere however.

Eldyraen1532d ago

I'll watch it.

I want to see Mass Effect, any Star Wars game (a few rumors had potential--such as 1313 maybe being revisited), a potential Titanfall 2, Battlefield 5, etc even if most won't release till 2017. ME though is my number one so far.

I hope they make a solid SW RPG or action title again though as they have so much potential especially with newer hardware than last time we saw SW regularly.

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