Star Wars Battlefront Update Includes Some Long-Needed Weapon Nerfs

"If you’re a lower-level Star Wars Battlefront player, or simply don’t like the annoyingly popular DL-44, you’re in luck. In the most recent update to DICE’s shooter from a galaxy far, far away, the game’s best weapon has been nerfed."

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Lazyeye791520d ago

Glad they are re-balancing the guns, but they shouldn't have nerfed the heroes. The heroes were supposed to be powerful and difficult to kill. That's what makes the special to play.

madjedi1520d ago (Edited 1520d ago )

Yes I love being killed back to back to back to back, whenever one of the players on the other side spams luke or vader during a match.

The dl 44 is deadly but absolute crap at far med-long range.

Maybe if your lucky he will kill a couple of guys away from you so you can get a few shots in or a td if your lucky.

One on one it is a death sentence going against any hero, especially the force users.

I switch to the auto pistol better at close range for me.

Lazyeye791519d ago

One on One with a hero should always be a death sentence. If it wasn't then there would be no point in playing the hero.

And if you're dying back to back from them, try a different strategy.

madjedi1519d ago (Edited 1519d ago )

Well in walker assault you kinda have to try to control the uplinks. So good luck on endor or the sandcrawler map.

There is a point to playing the heroes, it is the same as staying in at-at's or aircraft the entire time racking up kills.

That is who I am referring to.

PaulKersey1520d ago

And yet they didn't touch the Pulse Cannon and A-Wing.

Austin481520d ago (Edited 1520d ago )

Still a crappy game deserves to be in the garbage.

Goldeneye0071520d ago

DICE is really screwing up this game. Weakening the hero star ships, Boba Fett (again), the DL-44 (yet again), the bowcaster and a ton of other features completely changes the dynamics of the game, yet the pulse cannon and A-wing remain untweaked, like PaulKersey said above me.

The game is being tailored to the loud minority, not the silent and quiet majority. The former, wanting a CoD clone while the latter were just fine with the original product.

All these "updates" and tweaks are destroying a great game. Change isn't always a good thing.

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AstroCyborg1520d ago

to bad they waited til the game was irrelevent to fix stuff