VenomQuest PlayStation Podcast #1 - PlayStation Conversation

Welcome to the very first VenomQuest PlayStation Podcast. A look at the weeks news and issues in the world of PlayStation. An introduction to our gaming history and discussion of why Sony has inspired so many this console generation to join the PS4 party with their games-focused philosophy.

* We reflect on 5 years of PlayStation Plus and how it has changed and improved for the better.

* A special look at father of the PlayStation 4 Mark Cerny and father of Metal Gear Solid, Hideo Kojima as they embark on a world tour to discover new technologies.

* Uncharted 4 dialogues tree choices, examining how these will impact the game. Analysis of USA, German and French sales figures.

* GTA V single-player story DLC rumours. Psychonauts, the newest PS4 games with PS2 backwards compatibility.

* The classic PlayStation commercial at the start is Double-Life from one of the most critically lauded European advertising campaigns.

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