Rime (PS4) news coming "really soon"

Tequila Works: "It's been a long ride, isn't it? Bear with us, we will have things to tell really soon!"

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masterfox1526d ago

Been waiting this game since the first time I saw it, it looks beautiful.

Geobros1526d ago

Me too. Its been long time that we have no news about the game. I hope to see something really soon as the company told today.

XisThatKid1526d ago

This is one of most anticipated games for PS4 period.

2cents1526d ago

One of the reasons I picked up the PS4 in the first place.

About time we hear something good, I am tired of waiting.

camel_toad1526d ago

Same here. Coming off of about 6 hrs straight of The Witness I definitely see a lot of similarities in the art design, which is obviously F'n fantastic.

That look + the ico vibe should = greatness.

VerminSC1526d ago

Fianally! One of my most anticipated games.
I remember reading they were inspired by studio ghibli.

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LiViNgLeGaCY1526d ago

This wait has been torturous. One of my most anticipated games.

greenmiker1526d ago

We hope so! I would prefer a new trailer with a release date.

Sevir1526d ago

I've got cash ready for this gem! I can't wait to play it. I love the art style!

ninsigma1526d ago

Yes! Must have this game. It looks brilliant and the setting is beautiful. I very much get an ico vibe from it.

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The story is too old to be commented.