TZR’s Most Anticipated Game of 2016

Whats the point of a “Most Anticipated” list? It’s basically guessing at what sites think might be good, strictly based on marketing material. For all intents and purposes this is most likely the least informative piece that games media sites put up. So why do it? Honestly, cause its fun!

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MPScrimshaw1526d ago

Really hoping that A) Mass Effect actually makes it out this year, and B) that its writing is substantially better than the writing in Mass Effect 3.

shocked6861526d ago

For some reason I'm really looking forward to Crackdown 3 above most other games. The reveal trailer looked amazing and I'm hoping it can reclaim some of the excitement and attitude that the first game did so well. Underdog status for sure.

B_Rickaby1526d ago

I'm hoping for more variety this year. 2015 was a little too multiplayer/ always online for my tastes. Lets hope Horizon gets a release date this year but if not then Ratchet and Clank looks pretty awesome too.

jb2271525d ago

Absolutely right there with you...seemed like literally every big retail AAA game was either mp only or an open world rpg. 2016 is already shaping up to be full of a lot more variety...Firewatch, R&C & UC4 are my big anticipated titles for the first half of the year, anything else is just icing on an already delicious looking cake.

medman1526d ago

Horizon:Zero Dawn is probably my number one, followed closely by games like Uncharted, Rime, No Man's Sky, Mass Effect, Deus Ex, etc. etc.

jeremyj29131525d ago

I kno I'm in the minority, but I'm most excited for Nier and Nioh. Can never have too many hack n' slash games. Hella excited for Platinum's TMNT as well. That trailer was great.