1UP: Flagship Founder Bill Roper Interview - Bill Roper speaks about his studio's demise

1UP writes: "The rumors and dirt have been flying ever since Flagship Studios -- makers of Hellgate: London and Mythos -- announced massive layoffs on July 11, 2008 and subsequently lost the rights to both games. Until now, we've heard nothing from the normally high-profile and media-friendly Bill Roper, Flagship's cofounder and CEO.

In a worldwide exclusive,'s PC games Editor-in-Chief Jeff Green sat down with Roper and got him to break his silence and tell his side of the story regarding the drama swirling around Flagship, Hellgate, and Mythos. What exactly happened here, from his perspective? What went wrong? What would he have done differently? And what's next for both the games and the developers? Roper has felt that there have been numerous misconceptions floating around for the past month. Here is his take on things."

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JelalTrueshot3737d ago

A great interview. Roper really lets it all out.

barom3737d ago

Saddest interview I've ever read. I wish Bill Roper and his co-workers the best.