10 RPG Franchises We’d Like To See Come Back

Game Informer:

These days it seems like anything is possible in the gaming world, thanks to the growth of crowdfunding and social media. Series that were once relegated to memory are suddenly coming back. Did you ever think we’d have a chance at Shenmue 3? How about Square Enix reviving the Nier and SaGa franchises? This got us thinking about our favorite RPGs of yesteryear. While plenty of great series have vanished, we think many have potential to thrive again. Without further ado, here are the 10 RPG franchises we’d love to see return.

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PMind1522d ago

A new, true Ultima would be the best.

Scrivlar1522d ago

I need a new KOTOR so much!. Even an Old Republic port to console would keep me going. I'm just not a PC guy.

yeahright21522d ago

add a little legend of dragoon and some lost odyssey

Relientk771522d ago

Brave Fencer Musashi
Legend of Dragoon
Dark Cloud
Breath of Fire (For real, not mobile crap)

DivineAssault 1522d ago

I would love a grandia or valkyrie profile sequel as well

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