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Robert writes:

"Can I just say real quick that survival/horror games have certainly come a long way? I mean, they really have. By today's standards, Resident Evil seems like a forgotten relic, especially when compared to the "scared crapless" games we're coming across these days. That said, it still has its own goofy charm and enjoyable (to a point) gameplay, so I can understand Capcom opting to give it a reasonable HD transfer – even though it wasn't entirely to my liking."

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CrimsonWing691526d ago

Um, wait wait wait, so you're telling me an old game from 2002 (that clearly is a preservation of a game from 2002 for fans of the series to play because they hate the modern games or for anyone curious about what the older games were like) plays like a game from 2002!? Man, you don't say...

Did you hate the Remastered Remake as well because it plays like the game it was from 2002?

Also what are these“scared crapless games we’re coming across these days,"? I get it's not your cup 'o tea but I think when reviewing an older game you have to take things into context. This game doesn't hide the fact that it's a remastered version, which maybe you got confused with a grounds up remake ala REmake? It'd be like complaining that Super Mario Bros. on the All-Stars collection still plays like Super Mario Bros. from 1985.

Is this the best Resident Evil? No, but let's take into account your issues: inventory and controls. The inventory box in every Resident Evil is isolated to a safe area. In this game you get to decide the safe area. Hell, even if you run out of space they gave you the option to drop or combine an item on the spot. The map also keeps track of where every item touched is located.

Controls, it's Resident Evil brah, did they not include more up to date option for controlling the character? Also, let's talk about not having much to do after. I'm not sure if you even beat it or if you had and didn't feel like mentioning the modes unlocked after beating it. Regardless, there's still 2 modes offered after beating the game. Wesker mode and Leech Hunter.

Wesker mode you can replay through the game with an infinite ability to destroy most enemies with a single "laser glare". Leech Hunter provides an arcade like challenge that unlocks new weapons and infinite ammo to replay with in the normal game. Also, if you replay the campaign with said unlocked goodies and S rank it you get other additional weapons one being the infinite rocket launcher.

Also enemies? A wha? They're kind of the typical stuff you see in Resident fact they include all the normal enemies and then a bunch of newer ones.

Sorry, it's just weird when I see reviews in the 7 to 8 range with an average of 71 on metacritic then lo and behold a 5. It just shows how busted the review system is. Since there's more positive than negative reviews do we, as the consumer these pieces are for to inform, ignore these low score reviews? What value or worth is your opinion versus facts?

I just don't know anymore. I almost say we abandon reviews because of this crap.

H2OAcidic1526d ago

It's all an opinion you know that, right? While in the past the game could be great, now a company remasters the game in hopes those who still love the game will buy it again even if the graphics are improved to a point. Sorry that someone didn't agree with what you think and others did as well.

CrimsonWing691526d ago (Edited 1526d ago )

Oh no, that's exactly my issue that it's an opinion. Nobody is going to like the same things. My opinion holds no value to you just as yours means nothing to me. So, in that, what is the point of these opinion pieces when, say, a consumer is looking to make a purchase?

I could be seeing an 8 out of 10 that says the same things this guy says while providing more factual information of the gaming experience rather than relating my experience to another's enjoyment and go off and make an informed purchase.

Don't be sorry that someone didn't agree. That's called being an individual. I'm talking about a balance of evaluation and criticism with opinion. I could easily say a game you liked is a 5 out of 10. Why should that review matter? In fact, why do we even have reviews if not all hold any merit because they're all opinion?

EnsignHiro1526d ago

Agreed! Imo a review for a game is usually not a good idea because certain things in each reviewers review that are called bad usually arent or the person has an agenda to make a legit bad game meaning a game that is broken ( ps4 version of ultra street fighter 4 when it FIRST RELEASED FOR PS4) or has too many bugs in general that make it difficult to continue a game. Reviews shouldnt have the persons opinion because then it'll make some games sound bad when in General many like it and so on.

Its best to just state facts in a review then a highly opinionated write up of a game.

EnsignHiro1526d ago

Horrible review. You basically degradevthe game for it being a true horror survival. The moment i read about your take on the item management not being all that great i knew this person wasnt really seeing the point of classic resident evil. I knew something was wrong when i saw the 5/10 score. Try putting a more just review next time. Very very misleading andvthis is why i dont even bother using reviews as a judgement of whether i should purchase a game or not.

Them you say the save system is a problem?! Who is writing up this review. If you realized what survival means then you would not have complained about thecsave or item management system. Lmao please do research next time before complaining about things that are relevant and not broken to the game and its genre.