Devolver Digital wants to Help From Software bring Metal Wolf Chaos to new Platforms

From GameWatcher: "Metal Wolf Chaos is a third-person shooter that was originally released exclusively for the Xbox in Japan. It was developed by From Software, who are known for Chromehounds and the Armored Core series of mecha games, but it wasn't released in any other regions.

In the game players play the role of a fictitious President of the United States named Michael Wilson, who uses a suit of powered armour named Metal Wolf to battle forces who have taken control of the US."

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Godmars2901526d ago

So long as its a true update rather than any kind of a remaster.

tanukisuit1526d ago (Edited 1526d ago )


I'm glad to see TwoBestFriends, Youtube Community and the gaming community at large are requesting this game be released in N.A/Europe.

eyeDEVOUR1526d ago

God i hope not.. I watched a letsplay recenly and the story and dialog was about as cheesy and stereotypical as it can get. If they released the old game here it would ruin Fromsofts success that theyve worked for with the souls series. It would be an embarrasment on them.

tanukisuit1525d ago

lol, actually, that was FromSoftware's reason for not releasing it in the West in the first place. But I like it, b/c it's so random and off-kilter (like Deadly Premonition). I wouldn't pay more than $20 for it though...