Fire Emblem Fates Has One More Change: No More Petting Mini-Game

by Ryan Parreno on 27th Jan, 2016

In Japan, Fire Emblem Fates has a minigame which allows you to pet your support characters. This minigame isn't crossing over to the West.

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EcoSos31533d ago

Meh this does not bother me at all, I didnt even know this was in the game so removing it makes no difference to me.

Bansai1533d ago

Hooray for more censorship. :/

hobbes20991533d ago

This isn't censorship. This is simply the process of localization. Each territory in which a game sees publication has different social norms and mores than the next. Removing the petting minigame from Fire Emblem is an example of changing a game to fit the customs of the territory. Japan has much different attitudes towards physical contact than the United States. There are no changes whatsoever to the actual content of the game proper.

Philface1533d ago

@hobbes: You might be right with that as it seems that the japanese version misses some content the us/eu version has. That's also the reason for the first change in the game because one situation made the impression you could cure homosexality with drugs.

Bansai1533d ago (Edited 1533d ago )

Petting was completely OPTIONAL so if you wouldn't like it, noone would make you do it, my opinion still stands, straight up censorship to avoid another SJW drama about women representation in games [even tho you can also pet males].

Not so long ago we also learned that they changed or scrapped an entire plot involving a homosexual woman to make it less offensive.

Like I said, more censorship, and people are fine with it... but one day they're gonna censor something you don't like, I wonder what will happen then.

The whole attitude "It's not censorship If I agree with it" is bull****.

hobbes20991533d ago

As you say, it was optional. So taking it out isn't censorship. It most certainly wasn't about "SJW" anything. It was an element of the game that made sense for the culture of Japan. You might have noticed that America and Japan are completely different when it comes to matters of sexuality and its depictions in media. What is acceptable in one area is taboo in another. Nintendo is in the business of reaching as many of the people in either region as possible. By leaving in a culturally inappropriate minigame, Nintendo risks losing potential revenue whereas if they simply excise content that is onjectionable, they stand to make more money.

Philface1532d ago (Edited 1532d ago )

@Bansai: They made the the first change because it was offensive towards homosexuals. In the japanese version homosexuality is treated as kind of an illness, that can be cured with magical powder. In the other versions the took out this powder-option. I actually can see a good reason behind this change.

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3-4-51532d ago

* Who here is buying this game to pet random animated characters ?

* Who here is buying Fire Emblem for the gameplay,strategy,music,story and art style ?

If this makes you made, you are lame. Grow up.

Go find a real women/man.

Philface1533d ago

As far as I understand the situation right now they took it out because of the fact that you can pet minors in this minigame. This could be interpeted as an pedophile act.

Ferrethat221533d ago

lol. Why are Westerners so uptight? We can see people get shot in the face with a shotgun but the tiniest bit of suggestive themes is too much?


Scatpants1533d ago

They should swap it out with a full on penetration mini game.

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