Microsoft fighting cognitive lock-in as users hold on to XP

There have been a number of hints that computers preloaded with Windows XP remain a hit with some users, but the impact of these sales may be greater in PR terms than financial ones.

It's often said that the greatest competitive threat to a new Microsoft OS release is the collective weight of all the past iterations of Windows. After all, if someone has a stable installation that he or she is happy enough with, why switch? Redmond has usually gotten around the inertia by ensuring that new machines ship with the newest OS, which ensures that the company's latest and greatest shows up on more machines as older hardware gets replaced. But indications from a variety of sources suggest that Vista is facing more resistance than usual when it comes to preinstalled sales.

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unbiased3740d ago

Most computer users like me are "casual" All I need is to get online, check my e-mail and youtube. So how are you going to sell me a product that is far slower and annoying that has features I could care less about?

badz1493740d ago

does that got to do with this?? 360 even came out earlier than Wii!

back to the topic, XP is still among the best OS for consumers out there. compared to Vista, XP is much more stable and user friendly! with Vista, if you're truly a casual user of a PC, you'll get screwed!! and if you're a PC-knowledgeable person, Vista will still screw you up with all it's short coming bar the graphic!! it's expensive, slow in performance yet a resources(memory) hungry OS at that!

SmokingMonkey3740d ago

M$ - "musn't please....the public......must.....sell..... y .......dwindiling....."

Vicophine3740d ago

Lmao whether you agree with him or not, that was funny xD bubbles.

Enigma_20993740d ago

... just keep making, patching, updating, and SELLING IT!!! if it works this well, people wil still buy it!

Voozi3740d ago

I wish Microsoft would give XP DX10 support, that'd be a dream come true

gamesR4fun3740d ago (Edited 3740d ago )

yep funny thing is hackers can get full direct x10 on xp np
and all the vista gloss to boot without the huge drag on your resources...
Fact is ms wont because of the money and sheer stupidity imo.

Baka-akaB3740d ago

indeed wth , vista isnt better or "less worse" depending on your status , expert , advanced user or casual pc user ... it blows and sucks for each class of pc user ....

f7897903740d ago

I'm not paying $100 for nothing but a sidebar built into the OS. DX10? Dont even mention that as a feature. If they made a $40 version that required you to wipe your hard drive most people would stay away from it but pc gamers would buy it instantly.