Bloodborne, The Old Hunters, and passivity in the Souls series

Bloodborne is a more aggression-focused game than its Souls forebears, even with the inclusion of notes and phantoms, but is this Fine or Foul?

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BG115791526d ago

It's the reason why most prefer BB to DS, even if DS has more content and is bigger.

SlightlyRetarted1526d ago

I've played every Souls game multiple times and i must say Bloodborne is my favorite, and it's all thanks to combat, music and atmosphere. I'm really, really looking for Dark Souls 3, but while playing DS3 alpha, combat was quite bitter sweet. In a way it was fun to coward behind shield again but the same old fast roll/backstab fishing was pretty boring after BB.

asadachi1526d ago

The differences between Bloodborne and Dark Souls games seem minimal. Sure, BB tends to want you to play more aggressively due to lack of shield and what not, but you can adapt this play-style for DS too if you want as there is more variety in regards to builds imo. I personally prefer Dark Souls overall, but all From Software games are great to me.

UltraNova1526d ago (Edited 1526d ago )

You can play all souls games with out ever using a shield, difference is that if you charge at all enemies without any kind of planning you will die, a lot!

This is why Souls games are harder and more strategic than BB, even the amount of different stats in Souls games and the myriads of directions you can level up your character is evidence of the above.

That said I can see the appeal of BB, it provides momentum, a gratifying one when you get it right, it breaks away from having to stop and plan ahead of an enemy encounter.

This is why I'm happy we get to have both types of games in the same bleak and punishing fashion.

Now if only From Soft made Demon's Souls 2 after DS3...